Diving and Emergency First Response Training

Coming to Hawaii?  Looking for some info?  Perhaps a guided dive?  Want to get certified?  Maybe a specialty course or an advanced open water certification.    I can be contacted by email or through facebook.  From there we can talk about details and exchange phone numbers.  I prefer not to post my phone number on the internet but would be glad to give it after initial contact.

My Rates are as follows:

Guided 1 or 2 tank dive $150 per person with rental gear $120 per person with own gear.*

Certified but need a refresher?  Scuba Review $150 per person for skill review and a 2 tank dive $120 with own gear* 

*Tanks and Weights Provided

Snorkeling Tour $40 per person for 2 hours**

Free Dive Course $100 per person (this is not a certification course)**

Guided Free Dive $75 per person**

Diver Training

Open Water Diver Course $400 for 2 or more participants, $550 for a private class**

Open Water Referral $225 for 4 open water dives only or $325 for both confined and open water dives**

An open water referral is a flexible way to get certified.  The academic portion of the course is done with either your local dive shop or the PADI eLearning program.  Your local dive shop can conduct your 5 confined water dives, usually in a pool and then you can do your open water dives here in the clear blue waters of Hawaii.  This is a great option for many people who live in inland areas or in areas where the water is cold.  Diving here in Hawaii often requires less equipment and weight vs some of the more inland and cold water areas. 

Advanced Open Water $300 for 2 days 5 dives, $400 for  3 days 6 dives**

Specialty Courses

Emergency Oxygen Provider $120- no diving involved

Enriched Air Diver $150 without dives, $250 with 2 dives from a boat.**

Peak Performance Buoyancy $250**

**All equipment provided

Non-diving specialties and Emergency First Response Courses:

The following are courses that I can teach to a group whether it be a school class, boy/girl scout troop, or any other child or adult organization that has and interest in the under water world.  The price listed includes all class materials.

Project AWARE and/or Project Aware Coral Reef Conservation $100 per group up to 25 people.  I must have access to a tv or projector as this course is taught using a digital slide presentation.

Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care- $75 per participant up to 6 participants.

Emergency First Response CPR/AED- $50 per participants up to 6 participants.  I can incorporate this course in with the Primary and Secondary Care course and I will apply a discount when you sign up for both courses together.  Please contact me for details.

Emergency First Response Care for Children- $75 per participant up to 6 participants.

If you have a group larger 6 participants please contact me so that we can work out the logistics.  For large groups multiple instructors will be needed.

Please note that any of my courses can be customized to fit your needs and if you have your own equipment I will negotiate price based on that.  If you would like to dive from a boat I will ask you to pay the fee for the seat (usually $50).  The exception to this is the Advanced Open Water Course where 1, 2 tank boat dive is built into the price.  If you wish to do advanced Open Water entirely from shore we can negotiate a price for that dependant on ocean conditions. 

I will choose the training sites based on ocean conditions and I reserve the right to reschedule a dive if conditions are poor.  This is uncommon as there is usually always a place that we can dive on the island.  occasionally, however, shore diving conditions are poor all around the island.  If this occurs I will do my best to secure boat seats for that day.  If we have to dive from a boat due to conditions you will be responsible for any cost I incur. 

The diving here in Hawaii is plentiful and beautiful and often as much or more can be seen on a shore dive.  I feature the North Shore of Oahu in the summer months (May through September) where the North Shore Marine Life Sanctuary offers beautiful conditions and thriving reef life.  In the winter months there are other sites all around the island that offer great diving as well.  If you have a specific site you wish to dive please let me know.  Some of my favorites include:

North Shore

  • Sharks Cove (several different routes)
  • Firehouse
  • Cathedrals
  • Three Tables
  • Haleiwa Trench

    West Side

  • Electric Beach (several different routes)
  • Makaha





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