Cautions, and Safety tips

Sometimes it doesn’t occur to me that some people reading this may not be experienced hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. I grew up hiking and swimming. I have done it all my life so it comes naturally. But for those who haven’t here are a few tips for your safety.

1. wear comfortable shoes that support your feet well and have a good tread. Hiking boots are always the safest bet for beginners.

2. Make sure that your forward foot is secure and not going to move before moving your back foot. This is especially true when tackling muddy areas and steep inclines with rocks

3. Lean into the trail, so if your going up lean forward that helps your balance.

4. If you have to, go on all 4’s. If something is slippery then grab a nearby tree for support or put your hands right down on the surface and go backwards belly toward the ground. Basically if you fall from this position you don’t have far to fall.

5. Always watch your step. When you are going along and you think things are easy that’s when you can slip a little or twist and ankle. Never assume the ground is even.

6. Always bring lots of water and sip it throughout your hike.

7. If you are unsure of something up ahead, turn back, sometimes we all get in situations that are more than we feel uncomfortable with.

8. Respect the plant life and the animals. Please remember this is their home and you’re a visitor so be respectful. Always pack out what you pack in and if you see trash, pick it up and dispose of it properly.

9. When in and around the sea respect its power. The ocean is wonderfully beautiful here but it can also be dangerous. Always check the surf report and read all posted signs. Heed the advice of the lifeguards and as they say “if in doubt, don’t go out”.

10. When snorkeling remember to use the proper gear and be sure that it fits properly. If you are unfamiliar with the equipment ask for help.

11. Always tell someone where you are going what you are doing and when you expect to return. Or, better yet, take a buddy.

12.  Remember that a lot of the water that is in and around waterfalls may contain Leptospirosis which is prevalent here in Hawaii.  If the water looks cloudy and dirty use your judgement on going in.  If you have open cuts or sores do not enter the water. 

13.  You may observe people jumping or swinging out over swimming holes.  The depth of these pools has not been measured with any accuracy so use caution if you decide to jump of a rope or from the top of a falls.

14.  If you choose to try SCUBA diving only do so with a trained professional.  Diving requires special training and knowledge and should not be taken lightly.  There are many rules to be followed and if they are not your situation can become extremely dangerous very quickly.  Please do not attempt any diving without training!


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