Left THR 8/22/16

I recieved my phone call on 8/19/16 informing me that I was to report to the heart and vascular side of the hospital at 7:15am on Monday August 22, 2016.  It was a long weekend with all the anticipation and to be honest I really don’t remember what we did.  I know we cleaned a lot in an effort to get ahead of the cleaning that I would not be able to do for the next several weeks.  It was all hands on deck.

On Monday morning I went with John to the bus stop and then we headed to the hospital.  It all went fairly quickly from there.  They made me put on a gown and there was a steady flow of people in and out of the room.  First came the nurse to talk to me and then another nurse to start an IV, they were followed closely by the anestesiologist explaining my anestesia options.  I opted for the spinal with sedation as I had planned.  Next came the CRNA and she was entertaining, bubbly and kind of funny.  Last of course came the surgeon, who discovered my tatoo and said he would have to avoid it, I told him I really wasn’t concerened with my 15 year old tattoo.

After that everything gets very fuzzy.  The CRNA ordered a dose of Versed (midazolam) which I knew would hit me hard.  There is a reason they used to call it midazo-slam when I was a paramedic.  Within minutes I was totally out of it.  I don’t know how long I waited but I don’t think it was long at all.  I don’t really even remember kissing my husband before they took me down to the OR, although I must have.

I remember being confused as they asked me to slide over to the table, the room was cold.  I can recall the anestesiologist starting to tell me what position he needed me in to place the spinal and I also remember him saying “nevermind you know exactly what I want you to do”  I vaguely remember saying I had an epidural with one of my kids and the proceedure is the same.

I honestly have no idea how long I was in the OR or what they gave me to keep me knocked out.  The only thing I can vaguely recall is the sound of the saw and the sound of the hammering.

Once I was out of surgery Dr. Lehman talked to my husband and I woke up in the revocery room being told that I had lost 240ml of blood and that I would be transfered to the floor as soon as I woke up a little more.  My BP was 90’s over 50’s, not surprising given the ammount of drugs they pumped me full of.  I began to feel my legs again, recieved at dose of pain medication and was take up to the floor where John was waiting for me.  He left about 3:30pm to go get the kids and I was alone the rest of the night.




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