Chimney Rock

I found the pictures from Chimney Rock on my computer and this is the first I have gotten a chance to sit down and write about it.  Chimney Rock is just south of Asheville, NC and just north of Lake Lure.  You will see Lake Lure in the pictures.  The area is beautiful and reminds me of the Adirondacks in many ways.

We traveled to the area for the weekend with the cub scouts for a camp-out and had a great time!  John was the resident cooking expert being an eagle scout.  The other families in our den brought very basic cooking equipment and ate very simple things like hot dogs.  I must give myself credit here because I shopped for all the things we would need and did the prep ahead of time.  But we planned the menu together and John did most of the cooking.  We decided to cook pretty much entirely in our new dutch oven.  At the end of the weekend John managed to get himself roped into teaching the rest of the den untensil-less cooking.

The total distance was around 5-5.5 miles from the bottom and including the waterfall.  Even Cody liked it.  We had about 30-40 hikers of all ages, some starting at the bottom and some starting a little further up.

This is the ultimate stair-master, and my husband didn’t make it to the top or to the waterfall due to his bad knees from all the years he spent in the army.  Myself and the kids did though!  This is a fairly popular state park and there were many people on the trail but not so many as to turn me off.  Of course I was one of the slower ones.

In fact, this hike was the catalyst that caused me to seek treatment for my hip.  Of course I haven’t done a lot of hiking since leaving Hawaii because the mountains are a minimum of 45 minutes away.  I knew I was out of shape and de-conditioned but when my hip began to collapse on me at the end of the hike I knew I really had to find out what was going on with it.  I didn’t sleep that night because my hips hurt so much, despite having a cot to sleep on, and I could hardly walk for 3 days.  We packed up and drove home the following day after breakfast and by the time we got home I took muscle relaxers and went straight to bed at 2pm and stayed there until the following morning.

I was very proud of the kids on this hike.  It had been quite a while since I had asked them to hike since 2014.  Although we have done a few local things it’s flat here in Charlotte so the terrain was not what they are used to at all.  Even the most fit people in the group were sore the next day from all the stairs.


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