General update

Since I have been MIA I started working for Community Home Care and Hospice almost a year ago.  I absolutely love what I do!  Much better pay, much better hours,  although some days can still be long it’s way more predictable.  Every job has ups and downs but this one has more ups.  We are a small team, as opposed to another giant hospice agency in charlotte.  We help each other and work well together.   I have no plans to look for other employment any time soon.

In my last post about King’s Pinnacle I elluded to an issue with my hips.  We took a camping trip with cub scouts and hiked Chimney Rock in April, after which I could barely walk for 3 days, and it was only 5 miles.  Granted most of it was stairs but still.  

I have been dealing with a limp in and pain in my hips on and off for years.  But after that I realized I really needed to see what was going on.  First step was my primary doctor who took x-rays and called to say I needed to see ortho.  Once i saw ortho the doctor must have asked me 5 times if I injured my hip at some point.  Not that I am aware of.  

He went on to explain that my left hip is bone on bone with spurs and advanced arthritis.   I had 2 choices, physical therapy or total hip replacement.   However, he said no ammount of physical therapy would restore the range of motion loss and he prescribed anti inflammatory medication.  

After thinking about it and reading up on prescription anti inflamatory medication and long term side effects I decided to pursue surgery.  At first the doctor was not excited at the prospect of performing surgery on a 37 year old, since the devices dont last forever.  But after I made it clear that I want my life back and that I’m not willing to settle for not being able to do the things I love he agreed and got on board.  

I was pre-approved for surgery in June and was offered a date in July but I opted to wait until my kids are back in school.  So, in one week I will have a left total hip replacement. 

I’m not gonna lie, I’m scared.  I’ve never had surgery of any kind and anxiety has been an issue for the last month, as has pain.

I had my pre-op testing last week and I’m counting the days. I found out that they will use a combination of spinal anesthesia and sedation rather than general anesthesia, which I feel better about. But it will take me out of work for 6 weeks and that kind of stinks.

I know its a bold move but I also feel confident its the right decision.  So this week is about focusing on work and family and trying not to freak out.  I’m thankful to have friends, family and coworkers supporting me and I hope this will improve my quality of life significantly.   

So thats what I’ve been up to.  Right now I can survive the work day but after I push through that I’m in pain and totally spent physically.   So if you’re the praying kind I would appreciate prayers.  But i also know I’m stubborn as hell and I will work hard to recover as quickly and completely as I can.

There are those that agree with my decision and those that don’t but agree or disagree I take comfort in the fact that they all have my back!


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