Adjusting to life in Charlotte NC

It’s been 10 months since I last wrote a blog post!  Things around here have been very busy.  We have been very lucky to have settled in here nicely.  We built a home in the same development as my brother-inlaw and mother and father inlaw and we are very happy here.  John and I both have good jobs that we like and I couldn’t be happier to be working as a nurse.  The boys have settled in too, playing sports, making friends and joining cub scouts.

I never envisioned myself in home health but the flexibility and the constant change is something I really enjoy.  I love the fact that it’s something new all the time.  It really challenges my skills and I have learned a lot.  I am thankful to my boss for giving me my “big break” into the nursing field.

John worked for Blue Max trucking for 6 months but he wasn’t all that happy there.  He has since gotten a job working for Yale Carolinas where he works on fork lifts.  He enjoys it most days and I know he likes the hours better.

Aidan and Mason have been keeping us busy as well.  Mason was diagnosed with ADHD and, though its been a struggle, we see a difference in his behavior.  Aidan has started going to church every week with my mother and father inlaw and he sings in the children’s choir.  The boys also did cub scouts this last year and enjoyed it.  It’s provided some cool family outings for us all and we all enjoy it.

Do I miss Hawaii still?  Of course, but Charlotte has a lot to offer as well.  It’s a booming city.  Houses are affordable, jobs are plentiful and things to do are all around.  I also love that I can drive to see friends and family.  Living in Hawaii really did cut us off from our extended family.  The funny thing is most people we meet are not from Charlotte but have moved here from other parts of the country.  Charlotte has done a lot to attract businesses large and small to the area and it’s evident.  Most of our friends are from someplace else.

The neighborhood we live in is great!  There are lots of kids for the boys to play with and frequent get togethers in the neighborhood.  We love having our own home that we can do with as we please and, though we are still pretty close to our neighbors, there are no party walls or looking in each other’s windows.

We’ve added a dog to the family and his name is Cody.  I probably wanted a dog more than the rest of the family but he fits right in.  I think he’s finally starting to learn his place with the cats.

Lately the biggest thing I enjoy is Crocheting.  I decided to learn after I saw all the beautiful things my mother in law makes.  I’ve gotten pretty good at it but there is always something new to learn.  It keeps me busy and I like being able to hand make gifts for friends and family.

I really don’t know how often I will be able to update this blog but I will post my adventures in Charlotte as I am able.  If you haven’t been here I recommend it.  Lots of things to see and do.


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