Life after the Army

It looks like this blog will be morphing a bit but I want to keep the URL the same because I have followers who may be interested in what is going on next. I am still passionate about the outdoors and living a healthy lifestyle, I’m just not doing it in “paradise” anymore.

Since my last entry many things have happened in our lives. We enjoyed a great 2 week vacation in Orlando Florida and visited the theme parks there.  After we left Orlando the kids went with my mom and dad back to CT for a week.  John and I headed to SC to look around.  First we came to Indian Land, just outside Charlotte NC, and spent a couple days with John’s side of the family.

On Sunday afternoon we headed down to Columbia where we had arranged to stay at a friend’s house. We originally planned to rent the house for a few months while we got on our feet.  Once we got to Columbia, though, we didn’t find much in the way of jobs and we didn’t like the area that much.  After a few days of “camping” with just an air mattress, a computer and a couple chairs with headed back to Indian Land and helped John’s parents move into their new house.

We then headed to CT to retrieve the boys and spend some time with our family there. At that point we had been living out of suitcases for a month and we were all worn out.  But we had a chance to take the boys to the statue of liberty, something Aidan had requested that we do last year and we promised to take him this year.  They rode the commuter train into grand central station and we took the subway to battery park.  We also made a short trip back up to Ft. Drum for a reunion with a bunch of the families that we knew during John’s first 2 deployments to Iraq.  It was really great to see everyone.

Also during the week we were in CT we discussed, at length, what the next right move for our family should be. John’s brother had basically found him a job in Charlotte.  All he had to do was go for an interview.  We didn’t see many job opportunities in Columbia when we were there.  The schools in Indian Land get great ratings, and we are close to John’s family.

In the end, even though we had been planning to go to Columbia for over a year, we chose to come to Indian Land and I think we are both glad that we did.  We hadn’t spent a lot of time here but we’ve been glad we made the right choice.  We’ve started to meet people here, Aidan is playing football and the kids are enrolled in a brand new school that just opened this year.  The kids love riding the bus to school and eating school lunch, two things they never did in Hawaii.  John is content in his job and I am progressing in my refresher course.  In fact, I have an interview tomorrow with a facility where I may do my clinical externship and perhaps work after I finish.

On the health and weight loss front I have struggled a bit this summer with all that traveling but I’m working on that by walking and running 5 days a week.  There are not a lot of hiking trails nearby nor do I have access to free Zumba classes or the weekly scuba diving I had in Hawaii.  But I knew I would have to adapt a bit and I am.  There are some pretty nice greenways here that make walking/running pleasant even if they are pretty flat.


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