Kuliouou Ridge- Complete

My friend recently suggested we do this trail and it was a great opportunity to finish this trail.  The first time I did it I had 3 kids with me and they just pooped out.  This time, I finished it but there is no way the kids would have been able to finish this trail.  Maybe my 8 year old would last now.

2014-04-15 11.43.35

The trail starts at the end of Kalaau Pl on the south eastern part of the island.  From Kalanianeole Hwy you will turn onto a road called Kuliouou so it’s pretty easy to find.  It begins on a board of water supply maintenance road and bears right.  There are signs to help you identify the route.  The whole hike is pretty well shaded for 3/4 of the hike.  Only the last mile or so is exposed.  Maybe it’s only a half mile, but the 200+ steps made it feel like a mile.  If you’re looking for a cardio workout you can get it with this trail.

2014-04-15 11.18.07

All the work is worth it though.  When we got to the top of the ridge we had a view of Kaneohe and Waimanalo on one side and Hawaii Kai from the other side.  It’s was an incredible view.  We were thankful for the cloudy day because the last push would have been totally brutal if the sun was beating down on us.  I thought we were going to get wet several times but the showers were light an brief so we didn’t have to be soaked, except in sweat.

If you look closely you can see bellows field runway.  Still visible even though it's no longer in use

If you look closely you can see bellows field runway. Still visible even though it’s no longer in use

I’ve been trying to squeeze these trails in before I go and I have been doing that when the kids are in school.  So, as much as I would have liked to, I didn’t get a chance to explore beyond the end of the sanctioned trail on to the KST.  But, it was a great way to blast some calories, enjoy some incredible views and socialize with one of the most wonderful people I have met in Hawaii.

2014-04-15 11.42.26







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