Some Things I have learned along my Journey

Since I moved to Hawaii 3 years ago I have embraced the outdoor lifestyle that Hawaii offers.  I have hiked hundreds of miles, dove hundreds of times, biked, swam and done many other things much more often than ever before.  I’ve learned to live in the moment.  To think about tomorrow but not to let my worries get in the way of enjoying the moment.  I’m several thousand miles from family and friends and, while I miss them dearly, I have learned to be more self sufficient than ever before.

Hawaii has allowed me to experience new things, rekindle my love for things I had forgotten and see the potential in the future.  It’s a place many come to totally change their lifestyle and as such it’s completely different from anywhere I have ever lived.  Before coming here the farthest I had ventured from home was to California for vacation.

Because the culture is so different here it’s very important to me to respect and honor it.  Not only is there a native population to consider but also a large Asian influence.  Chinese, Japanese, Philipino, Korean, and Portuguese cultures are deeply intertwined in history here also.  For a white girl from New England it was a huge change!  I was used to Irish, Italian and other European cultural influences.  It’s been a great experience.

Coming here I promised myself that I would take in as much as I could.  I didn’t want to leave with any regrets.  I have met lots of people, even here, who get so caught up in the rat race they don’t get out and experience what’s right in front of them.  They go through life so concerned with the next career, education or other goal that they lose sight of the Journey.  For some, maybe that’s enough but not for me.

I look forward to having a career, a house and to settling down but I’m a wanderer at heart.  I want to hike to that peak, dive that wreck or just spend the day at the lake with my family.  It’s so much more fulfilling than sitting in front of my computer or with my face buried in my smartphone.  While those things have their place I see too many people that are totally consumed by them.

I don’t know if it’s this place or just maturity talking.  But I’ve learned to take time for myself.  For me, that’s usually exercise.  I’ve discovered what a stress reliever exercise really can be.  I went from a relatively sedentary person to, what some might call, a fitness nut.  I hate the gym, always have, so spending an hour on a treadmill or an elliptical machine is pretty much my idea of torture.  That’s probably what was keeping me from maintaining fitness and weight loss in the past.  But at least now I know that I have to be creative.  I have to take that Zumba class, walk the kids to school, ride my bike to the store or anything else I can do to stay active.

It’s funny, all these things have led to their share of pain, but that is far better than the pain I experienced from fibromyalgia when I was sedentary.  I have learned that pain from exercise means I’m building muscle and stamina.  Usually it’s temporary because I build that muscle group and then the pain stops.  Sometimes it’s not and I have to alter my activity.  But, I’m stubborn Irish at heart and if I want to climb that mountain there are very few things I won’t do to make it happen.  Sometimes that means working up to it.  Sometimes that means being sore as hell the next day.  Sometimes both.

But, in the end, there’s no time like the present and I have absolutely no regrets!  I’m satisfied with what I have done and I’m proud of what I have accomplished.  Don’t let life pass you by.  Get out there, live, and look forward, not back.  Mistakes are part of life but dwelling on them doesn’t do any good.  All you can do is be better and stronger.  Face an obstacle head-on and be proud when you find a way to overcome it.  Don’t put up road-blocks for yourself, you can do it!


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