Likeke Falls- Two hikes is better than one

I’ve wanted to do this hike for a long time now. It can be done 2 ways, either from the Ko’olau Golf course or from the Pali Lookout. I chose the latter because it’s longer and the route sounded like more fun. Well, I asked for fun and I got it.

2013-04-01 12.33.16

The first time we hiked this with 5 kids and 2 adults. Two of the kids are 10 or older and 2 more were 8 so we really only had one that needed a lot of help. Julia and I have become friends and we’ve found that taking all the kids hiking is a lot of fun and that they keep each other going. Neither of our husbands are big hikers so it works out nicely for keeping them busy on days off from school.

Our hike started out fine. We parked at the Pali Lookout and started down the old Pali Hwy toward where the trail splits. One direction goes down to the Maunawili Demonstration Trail and one goes to Likeke Falls. The Likeke falls trail is popular but not a state maintained or sanctioned trail and therefore there are no signs to guide you on the trail. Many of the trails here have at least ribbons to mark them but this one proved confusing.

2013-04-01 13.29.26

Just after the trail splits there is a ladder that take you down under the current Pali Hwy. At the base of the ladder is a lot of cool graffiti and a trail that leads off to the right. Do Not take this route! Unless, of course, you want to slip and slip and slide down into a big gulch and get a little lost.

Obviously, we went right on our first attempt. It was a downhill slide on dried leaves and loose dirt down to a dry streambed where the trail vanished. We had a lot of fun along the way, though, so I don’t regret it at all. We came out onto a mysterious road that led to a few houses. After checking the map on my phone and having a snack Julia and I decided to stay on this old unused road and look for a better route back. The road led us to some other people and several trails off to the side. Thankfully, the other people were able to tell us how to make our way back and also where Likeke Falls could be found. We opted to turn back instead of going to the falls because it was getting a little late and neither of us really wanted to sit in traffic for hours.

2013-04-01 13.59.45

Our second attempt came a couple weeks later and we went as a family. It was a miracle that we got my husband to agree to hike with us! But daddy caves when the kids ask him to do something. We began at the Pali Lookout again and this time had a better idea where we were headed. Once we made it out to the old Pali Hwy again we headed in the direction of the waterfall. We had a good idea where we were going but still played a little bit of a guessing game. We finally got to Likeke Falls and it was a nice family friendly hike. It is popular, though, so if you like quiet and solitude this probably is not the hike for you. I tend to like the off the beaten path hikes myself but I enjoyed our little adventure. 2013-03-19 15.04.08

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