This hike popped up on my radar pretty recently and it caught my attention because of the depth of this hike and the views of the rolling hills heading our toward the coastline.  It’s a long one and is a bit of a roller coaster ride.  Most of the hikes steadily gain elevation leading to a peak.  This was unique and at times frustrating because every time it gains elevation is ascends again and that elevation is lost.

The start of this hike in an area called Kaimuki and parking is on the street.  The distance if hiked to the end is about 7 miles.  The first part of the hike is in the trees and then quickly opens up to dry ridgeline and is hot as heck.  It’s gets you sweating right away.  This lasts about a mile and then some relief is found in the cook pines.  As you go deeper into the mountains the view of houses is completely lost and the vegetation becomes more lush and green making it feel like a getaway.  The views are unique and breath-taking.

2013-02-02 08.20.53

We went a total of 6 miles, almost the entire distance.  When we reached the last part of the trail we were getting tired and we knew we still had to turn around and go back.  The trail started to get muddy and slippery, the ridge started to get narrow and the ferns pretty overgrown scratching our arms and legs pretty good.  We came to the top of one of the rolling hills, started to slip and slide back down and just decided it was time to quit after a solid 2.5hours of hiking.  Because this trail has so many ups and downs it would take us almost as long to hike out.  A lot of times the time to hike out is only half the time to hike in because it’s all down hill.  Not the case with this one.  It was the right call, even though it always feels good to make the summit of any trail.  Knowing your limits is key on the trail because if you were injured evacuation would be by helicopter and that puts your rescuers at risk too.  There are several deaths on Oahu trails each year and I really don’t want to be a statistic.

This was also the last trail I did with my friend Corry before she left the island.  I miss her but I will see her again in the future, I know.

My hiking buddy Corry and her dog Trixie.  I miss you Corry!!

Ka’au Crater?

2013-02-02 10.50.23

Getting Much Greener

2013-02-02 10.50.52






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  1. cravesadventure
    Apr 04, 2014 @ 13:14:36

    Breathtaking, Beautiful and OH SO GREEN – Loving Your Captures:) Thanks so much for sharing – Happy Weekend!


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