Misfit Shine Review

On black Friday I got my first activity tracker.  I had researched my options and I decided to go with the Misfit “shine”.  Misfit got it’s start through idiegogo funding and they claim to produce the most stylish activity tracker.  It’s waterproof as opposed to most of the others in the same price range that are only water resistant or splash proof.

I really liked it at first.  It tracked activity with a reasonable amount of accuracy and was easy to use.  It came with the battery, the tracker and a magnetic clasp that could be clipped to clothing.  I also received a sport band for free as part of a promotion.  One of the other things that swayed me is that it would track cycling and wore it on my ankle quite a bit when cycling.  I also liked that it could be worn almost anywhere on the body using the magnetic clip or the sport band.  They claim the battery lasts 4 months vs. the competition that have to be recharged.  It takes a standard watch battery that can be purchased at walmart or any drug store.

At the time I purchased it only iOS was being supported but they have now expanded support to include android devices.  When synced with your phone it provides you with information on intervals of activity including length of time activity lasted and intensity of the activity.  I liked this but I didn’t really like that everything was reflected in points rather than actual calories burned.  I wanted to know how many calories I burned during a particular workout.  I realize that I can’t get a truly accurate measure without a HR monitor but an estimation would have been nice.

For the first 2 months things went along smoothly but that’s where things went down hill.  After 2 months I needed to change the battery for the first time.  I was annoyed because I had no notice that the battery was low and I lost an entire day of hiking data!  I also wished for credit for elevation gained and lost because I felt like I was not getting the credit I deserved with step counting alone.  Walking at a slower pace over uneven terrain and up a hill burns more than walking on perfectly flat ground and the “shine” was only giving credit for flat terrain.  I could live with that though and I was using the data from the tracker and entering it into Spark People.

Unfortunately, after the initial battery wore out they only lasted 2 weeks or so.  Again, there was no notice that it needed to be changed so I lost data.  The device became more an more inaccurate and I became increasingly frustrated with it.  After the 3rd battery died I just gave up.  The interface got more and more annoying even with some tiny firmware updates.  When I purchased the tracker I knew it was new to the market and I had high hopes that more upgrades were coming.  The ones that did come were pretty minor.

I set my sights on something with an altimeter because I wanted to credit for the elevation climbs.  I found there are very few trackers on the market that have it.  I don’t want one as large as a watch nor do I have the budget for one with a HR monitor integrated.  I have compared the Jawbone “UP”, the Fitbit “Force” and the Fitbit “flex” pretty extensively.  I really wanted the Fitbit “force” but they took that off the market.

So I purchased a Fitbit “flex” and I’m a little skeptical because I already returned one today because it stopped working after only 2 days.  I may have killed it wearing it washing dishes but if that’s the case they it really shouldn’t be marketed as “water resistant” or “Splash Proof”.  I’m crossing my fingers that this second one works out better.



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