Wahiawa Hills

This is another hike that I have been wanting to do. According the hiking guru Stuart Ball, this is a tricky hike. So, not wanting to get lost I had to find someone who was familiar with the trail and willing to lead me in.

2013-03-12 09.14.24 (768x1024)

My friend Debbie is a very experienced hiker.  She hikes 3 times a week or more.  Usually she’s my dive partner but I asked her to lead me on this hike.  She lives on the windward side so we wanted to schedule this for a time when she was housesitting in Wahiawa.  We tried around thanksgiving time but it was pouring the day we had planned to go.

2013-03-12 09.25.59 (1024x768)

Finally on New Year’s Eve day we did this 5 mile loop.  Who knew there was such a beautiful forest right in my back yard?!  The trail starts at a water tower at the end of California Ave in Wahiawa, but I agree with Mr. Ball, get someone who knows this to lead you.  When we came to the end of the loop I would have gone the wrong way if not for Debbie.

2013-03-12 11.09.43 (1024x768)

There are 2 stream crossings on this hike and I didn’t think I would swim but I did.  The reason I didn’t think I would is because the reservoir that the stream pours into is disgusting.  The stream, however, was crystal clear.  The only thing I had to get over was my aversion to slimy things on my feet and modesty about swimming in my undergarments since I didn’t wear a swimsuit.  I will next time though.

2013-03-12 10.29.13 (1024x768)


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