Na Mokulua

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The Mokulua Islands commonly called “the mokes” are just off shore from Lanikai Beach. Parking is pretty limited because it’s a residential area.  An alternative would be a paddle from Kailua Beach Park where there is much more parking.  But the paddle from there is much longer.  The seas are generally pretty calm year round since Kailua and Lanikai are both pretty protected by the Marine Corps base peninsula.  Both beaches are known for having powder fine sands and beautiful clear water.

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I, once again, borrowed a kayak from my neighbor and headed to the east side.  This time my older son, Aidan, wanted to go.  So we gathered up enough food for about a half day the camera, plenty of water and set out for Lanikai bright and early.  We felt it best to start early so that we would be able to park close to a beach right of way minimizing the distance we had to carry the kayak to the water.

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It wasn’t the best weather, cloudy and misting on and off, but we had planned for this day and decided to go out despite the weather.  Hey, we were going to get wet anyway right?  The paddle out to the mokes took about 45 minutes into a small headwind and against a minor long-shore current.  We are both pretty novice paddlers so we spent a lot of time turning and getting headed in the right direction.

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As we got closer to the islands we aimed for a beach to take the kayak out.  The waves come around both sides of the island and meet right in front of the beach.  The waves weren’t an issue but the way they the were meeting was interesting.  We kind of got washed up as we were getting out of the kayak.  Not a big deal but I thought I would mention it so that others won’t be surprised by it.

These islands are largely protected as a bird sanctuary but you can walk around the coastline and it’s pretty neat to look back at Oahu from them.  We did some walking around on the rocks first to the north and then to the south.  We couldn’t make our way all the way around because it became impassable.  So we circled back around and found the “queens bath”.  We sat on the rocks for a little while and just took in the waves while Aidan played in the tide pools.  It was really relaxing and a great day.  We only went to moku nui since moku manu is off-limits because it’s a wild life sanctuary as well.

2014-02-01 13.16.12 (1024x768)

And this is what happens when you try to open gogurt with your teeth…ROFL


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