Rock Bridge

2013-03-11 13.18.36 (1024x768)

This hike was something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while but since the kids are in public school now my kid free window has shrunk considerably.  I have about 90 minutes less every day than I did with the other school.  We decided to tackle this one day when the kids were off from school.  This hike is much talked about locally but I was a little afraid we wouldn’t find it.  It’s actually easy to find.  Stay close to the coast and you’ll run right into it.

Our group included my friends Michelle and Julia along with Julia’s 2 kids, my 2 kids, Julia’s husband and their friend.  The parking lot to Hanauma Bay was full so we parked a short distance away on a side street.

looking back at Hawaii Kai

looking back at Hawaii Kai

Initially the trail starts on a service road up to some sort of towers.  All I know is that they are marked “US government property”.  A short ways in we found a side trail that heads steeply down along the ridge above Hanauma bay.  This trail was dry with lose dirt and stones.  After the down hill section there is a short uphill and then it levels out.  Keep heading toward the coast here.

I don't know how the heck they did it but this was carved into the rock

I don’t know how the heck they did it but this was carved into the rock

Julia’s husband was on his bike so he was far ahead of us.  I think we pretty much just followed his lead and there it was.  We stopped had a snack and took some pictures of everyone that was adventurous enough to get on the rock bridge.  My kids were not allowed.  It only took 30 minutes or so to reach this spot.

I was nervous about going out there but after I watched the waves for a few minutes I decided to give it a go.  I stayed just long enough to get a picture for posterity and then high tailed it back to the safe zone.

2013-03-11 13.18.03 (1024x768)

We all enjoyed a snack and watched the wave crash against the rocks.  The whole time that people in our group were out on the bridge the waves were not big enough to be breaking up over the bridge.  But probably 5 minutes later a set came in that did.  Someone was watching out for us because being out there in those conditions could easily resulted in someone being knocked off into the churning sea.  I’ve never read a story of someone falling in but a few other bloggers wrote about the danger.  I would have to agree.  I guess the saying that lifeguards use applies “if in doubt don’t go out”.

After our snack and rest we got back on the trail and followed the coastline to the west a bit.  I decided to lead the group this way and explore a little more of the beautiful coastline.  You may recognize the rock formations from the Pirates of the Caribean movies.  We reached a point where the kids, Julia and Jerimiah climbed up and over the rocks.  Michelle and I explored a little more but not for long.  We caught up with them at the top and then parted ways again as Michelle and I headed down another path that would make a loop.  It looked less steep than the hill we came down.

I would say this hike is a moderate hike.  There aren’t any real dangers of falling off the side, unless you’re on the rock bridge at the wrong time.  This hikes biggest challenge is probably the sun and the heat.  It’s dry ridgeline and rock so there is no shade at all.  Took us about 3 hours round trip but we went pretty slow and took lots of breaks.  Total mileage was 3.5 miles.


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