Manana Ridge Trail

Trail Length: 11miles each way (we only did 2.5)

Terrain: Ridge

Time to complete: 3 hours

IMG_0746 (1024x768)

This trail is much closer to home for me than many others on the island and that makes is more accessible to me on a weekday.  I headed out with my friend Julia to see what there was to see.  It’s a pretty cool trail that eventually meanders up to the Ko’olau Summit.  I had read about the ups and downs of this trail and found it to be a valid observation.  There was a workout to be had both coming up and going down.  Most of the trail is comfortably wide with some areas that are more narrow.  We didn’t get to the upper, unmaintained, portion of the trail.

IMG_0750 (1024x765)

It’s a change of scenery from the ridges I normally hike with ocean views.  Instead the views were of the Ko’olau Summit, the lush valley or the Waianae Mountains.  The view of the Waianae Range was the highlight for me.  I was blown away by seeing the entire mountain range from end to end.  The scenery on the trail was varied as well.  It starts out, like many trails in Hawaii on a board of water supply access road.  Next, it travels through tall trees and rainforest.  Then the trail emerges back onto dryer terrain reminding me some of the trails in Hawaii Kai.  Lastly we traveled through tall grass almost like a wheat field.  Around mile 2 there is a shelter overlooking the lush valley below.  We stopped for a snack before continuing on just another 30 minutes.  It took us around 3 hours to complete the 5 miles at a leisurely pace.

IMG_0760 (1024x765)


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