Lets Talk Sunscreen

Ok, lay it on me. What do you use? Why? Do you buy whatever is cheapest? How much SPF? Spray or cream?

I’ve recently gotten a few sunburns and I’m really frustrated because I re-apply sunscreen at the beach all the time, despite the fact that it’s often messy business. But I like to play in the water and it seems like as soon as I get in the stuff washes off and then I’m sunk. I mean seriously, I am tired of getting burned.

Banana Boat is relatively economical and it’s the most recent sunscreen that I have purchased. I put it on, spent 2 hours at the water park where I barely even got wet and my face was burned. WTH? It feels super greasy, worse than the others. Perhaps the worst part is that it burns on my skin and when I get wet it runs into my eyes. That’s funny, it says, “non-greasy”, “80 minutes water resistant”, and “won’t run into eyes”. Aren’t those all the things I just said I didn’t like about it? I have used it on my kids too and they have the same complaints.

Last summer I bought a value pack from Costco, of “Coppertone” and I didn’t have these problems. In the package I got one bottle of cream, a sunscreen stick and 2 cans of spray. I liked the spray because I could apply it myself on my back but I realize you don’t get as much bang for your buck with it. I used all of the cream and no one in the family ever got burned when it was applied. My kids complained of it running in their eyes but I never had this problem. I did find it a bit greasy but not nearly as bad as banana boat. I guess there’s something to be said for sticking to what you know. I remember that picture of the little girl and the dog pulling her bathing suit which it’s teeth from childhood. It seems like Coppertone has been around forever.

I recently went to the beach with a friend and she introduced me to something called Vanicream. It’s super thick and she said she has to shower to get it off. I used some of it but too late to prevent a burn. Her skin tone is the opposite if mine. She has a lot of native American blood and I have all European blood with the freckles to match. So I know I have to be careful. The only draw back to Vanicream is it’s price. It’s about $10 per 3.5oz tube. My friend says she uses far less though vs some of the others and gets much better results. I would pay the price if I knew it was going keep me from getting sunburn. But with 3 of us it could get expensive quickly.

So I’m asking for opinions because this bottle of “Banana Boat” is about to go in the trash!


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