A New Chapter

I have been busy lately with all my diving and keeping up with the kids.  Plans are being made to head to CT for 3 weeks in June to see family and friends.  I’m looking forward to it.

I’m no longer working the same job at the resort and, as it turns out, that’s ok with me.  At first I was hurt and scared about venturing away from what was comfortable.  I developed great relationships with the people I worked with and they essentially taught me everything I know.

However, when one door closes another door opens.  Over the last 18 months or so I’ve watched as a new outdoor rec building went up right outside my front door and it recently opened for business.  Part of the new building is a space for a dive shop.  I have been working at this shop the last 3 weeks or so.  They have 2 other locations on the island and its been really great.  The operation is much larger than what I’m used to but that has it’s advantages.

I’ve had the opportunity to push myself to try new things and I’ve gotten to meet new people.  A couple of weekends ago, as part of Hickam Earth Day, I took 9 people on discover scuba adventures off the Sea Hound.  Then, last week I taught my first open water class with another instructor.  It’s been great to have someone to bounce things off of and learn from their experience.  I will always be grateful to my friends at Deep Ecology, but there is always room to learn and I have done that with some fresh points of view.

I am loving the structure of the classes at this new place and the schedule is also perfect.  Monday and Tuesday are spent in the classroom and then Weds and Thursday in the pool during the evening hours.  This works great for my family and for me.  The open water dives are done on the weekend which is also a great schedule for me.  I am able to easily balance it with my family and that’s been huge for everyone.  The stress level around here is lower and that’s great.

Starting Monday another class starts and it’s 13 students so far.  So again I will be working with another instructor in the confined and open water portions of the course.

I feel like I’ve been given a great opportunity and I’m loving a lot of things about it.  I love having access to the pool for my classes, and the classroom space is great.  Everything is brand new and state of the art so teaching in the space is both comfortable and easy.  The pool is well-maintained and makes confined water teaching much easier than using confined open water places that we have around the island.

I never imagined myself working for a dive operation the size of this one but it’s turning out great.  Even though there are 3 shops I’m not expected to do anything I don’t want to do.  I applied to work here on Schofield and perhaps some on Hickam but I don’t want to work out of the Hawaii Kai location because of the distance.  And so far I’ve been doing exactly what I like.  There hasn’t been any pressure to work a charter or  teach a class out of Hawaii Kai and I am loving that.  I guess because it’s a good size operation there are enough people to spread out and there seems to be plenty of work to go around without adding too much pressure on the individual.  I will be over perfectly content to teach 2 classes a month and maybe a little in between.  That would amount to 200 certifications a year which would be more than enough!

As for my MSDT, the application is in and I expect that I will have my 25 certifications very soon so that I can gain that title.  For now that’s where the progression ends.  I have no plans to continue to a higher level at this time.  I love teaching open water and watching people discover the world of diving but I don’t feel the need to “teach the teachers” right now.  The next step would be IDC staff instructor and I don’t really have my eye on that in the near future.  For now, teaching and gaining experience is enough.


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