MSDT Training

Since the IDC and the IE I’ve been given the opportunity to take 5 more specialty classes and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity. The 5 specialties I chose are the more popular courses that divers want to take.

As a part of the instructor course we are certified to teach Peak Performance Buoyancy and the 4 core courses. Included in what I paid for the IDC was the nitrox instructor and emergency oxygen provider. In addition to those I am choosing to take Deep, Wreck, Search and Recovery, Navigation, and Digital Underwater photography.

Two weekends ago we were able to get on a boat charter and do the first part of both deep and wreck. We got 2 deep wreck dives that day which was a stroke of luck because most charters are for one deep and one shallow dive. They were nice dives and they went a long way toward building more comfort and confidence in deeper water. Believe it or not, out of all the diving I’ve done only 9 of those dives were considered deep dives. So now the total is 11 out of around 150 dives. But I have hopes of doing some more of that soon. And to finish the Deep and wreck specialties I need 1 more deep dive and 1 more wreck dive. And since all the wrecks here are deep dives I will be doing 2 more deep dives.

Last Monday we met for a few hours and did most of the knowledge reviews. On Wednesday we had a stroke of luck that the north shore was diveable. So we did one tank there and I took some photos for the under water digital photographer specialty. That was a great dive! It felt like being on your home field. I’ve done so much diving at shark’s cove that I don’t have to work at navigation at all. It was so relaxing.

Today we met at electric beach. I was skeptical that it would be doable since they were predicting high surf. Apparently the swell wasn’t coming until this afternoon. Instructor is smarter than student once again. We only made one dive today but it was a long one, 55 minutes. We worked on search and recovery and it was another confidence builder. I had to swim the search patterns and it made me feel good and solid in those skills. I also got to learn a new search pattern that I had never used before. Even though I was familiar with it, it was great to get some guidance in how to set it up. It’s strange how a little thing like that can make me feel more confident. And not just in the patterns. It made me more confident in my compass skills also since that is what I used to navigate. It wasn’t all work though, we saw 2 turtles or 1 turtle 2 times. I’m not sure which. They seemed to be around the same size.

Last but not least I got some practice with a surf entry again. It’s been a while since I’ve really had to contend with it. The entire IDC we were working at Kakaako and there is a sea wall there that breaks the surf. I’ve done a couple of them in the last week and by doing it myself I have learned a lot about how to guide students through a surf zone. I’m glad to have that experience and I’m sure it will come in handy.

Later in the week I’m looking forward to working on the under water navigation specialty.


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