On the eve of the IE

Twas the day before the IE (instructor exam). I worked at Turtle bay resort and got the opportunity to fine tune my weights for the pool.

While I was at the bottom of the pool my brother called to tell me of the long-awaited arrival of my new nephew Colin John McNeill. I was very happy to hear that! I called him back and was near tear of joy as I congratulated my brother and sister-in-law. It’s strange to think of my brother as a father but he will be a great dad. He and I have always been close. He has always been the patient and accepting one while I’ve always been the neurotic one. He’s the one who got a degree and a good job before kids and I was the one to do all that after kids. He’s very important to me and we’ve always been close so this is really special to me.

Back to the prep though. Thursday morning we, as a group, got in one last dive before the IE. We went out to electric beach and did some skills and then had a fun dive. All of use looked great on skills and our instructor was very encouraging. He knew we were ready even if we didn’t.

Thursday afternoon I took 2 practice theory tests and friday I took a practice standards exam. I knew I was ready for that.

As of friday, though, I changed my weights in my BC for the pool yet again. For all your divers I was having a little problem hovering. I could hover, but I always wound up upside down which made it harder for me to see where I was in the water column. Not to mention I looked kind of ridiculous. My students think it’s funny when I stand on my head, the examiner not so much. I had been wearing 2lb weights in the trim pockets, 3 lbs in the weight pockets and an additional 4lbs on a weight belt. I had a slow day on Friday so I messed around with my weights so that I could fix my hover. The other thing in play, though, was the fact that I was still changing things the day before the IE. That’s a gamble because it could really backfire. You should have all your weights set up the way you want them and practice that way for a few dives before the IE. I ended up with 1’s in the trim and 5lbs in each weight pocket. And it was a gamble that paid off. But that’s another post.

Friday night it was not easy to sleep as I had so much in my head. I was trying to be sure I didn’t forget anything that I might need. So even though I was reasonably sure I had everything I was still making mental notes not to forget this or that in the house. I did wind up going to bed around 9:15pm but I know I didn’t fall asleep for a little bit. Saturday morning was to be a 5am wake up so I was trying to get some rest.


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