Last Chance before the IE

Last week I made arrangements to dive with my instructor and another candidate from another shop. I didn’t teach that day but it was fun and a good learning experience none the less. We spent several hours in the ocean both in confined and open water. The main thing I took away from the experience was related to my weights. I found that I was underweighted. I feel like I have enough weight to sinks a ship now but I’ll take that over not being able to stay on the bottom and perform my skills.

This weekend we were on the south shore again. We had a bigger group this time and it was good to have a few more “students” to work with. One of them was a master instructor who also had some great tips to share. Saturday was a long day. I didn’t get home until after 5 by the time I took the tanks to the shop and picked up new ones for the following day.  I struggled a bit in the confined water where I forgot to demonstrate my skill.  I guess I was thinking that since I was teaching the rescue course a demo wasn’t needed.  But I neglected to remember that I always have to demonstrate in confined water.  A valuable lesson was learned.  I felt like I was off my game on saturday but sunday would prove much better.

Yesterday we were at Kakaako Waterfront Park again.  I’m getting used to the entry and exit there.  I’m still cautious though because it can be tricky.  You would think that getting in and out on a set of stairs would be simple.  The bottom step can be quite slippery as can the rocks that lead into water that is about chest high most times.  I’ve never seen the bottom step underwater there but there is a lot of traffic.

We started our day by briefing our skills on the shore and then made our way to the water.  We were joined by one other diver who had generously agreed to be our student.  It’s a long swim to find any kind of depth out there and it’s mostly dead reef, but a decent spot to train when the rest of the island is getting surf.  We had some laughs as one of the other students went a bit overboard with his acting.  We also laughed as our instructor swam our students away from each other if we lost sight of any one student.  It was a lesson in positioning ourselves.  Everyone did very well in all the exercises and I think we are all feeling like we are prepared for the weekend exam.  We all hope to meet again one more time on thursday for a little more practice.

I’ve started making a list of what I will need to bring with me to the exam and it’s not a short list.  In addition to my dive gear I have to bring all of my previous course manuals, and anything I could possibly need to teach.  I’m planning on bringing my laptop with the guide to teaching, instructor manuals and presentation slides already loaded on it.   It’s easier than flipping pages for sure!

Today is a day to recoup before my week gets underway.  I’m working 2 days this week, diving one day, and the other is my kids short day at school and I will have to chase them around for a few extra hours.  Other than that I’m doing my best to stay hydrated and not catch the bug that has been going around at work!


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  1. babyfeat
    Feb 05, 2013 @ 14:33:13

    I wonder if it’s the same horrible bug going around in New England. Stay healthy!


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