IDC Weeks 2 and 3

Here we are 9 days after my last post. It’s no wonder I haven’t been able to keep up. The IDC is intense if short but I have learned a ton in a short time. I’ve corrected some misconceptions, learned from my peers, received amazing support, triumphs and weaknesses.

The experience has made me a better divemaster as I learn new techniques. I’ve also learned a lot about what I divemaster can do and what they do do in our local environment.  I dare say that, at times, divemasters are underappreciated and given too little credit on this island.  There were a lot of PADI standards that surprised me in that respect.  I had no idea a DM could teach the adventure dives of the advanced open water course.  They can do this under the “indirect” supervision.  Basically the instructor gives the DM the performance requirement and trains them on how they want things done and the DM takes over from there.  When the dive is done the instructor relies on the DM telling them the performance requirements have been met and they co-sign the training and log books.  I can see that being a great benefit in certain cases.

Our classroom work is just about finished.  The last 2 evenings we have taken “dive theory” exams and tonight we have a “standards exam”.  We also have our last classroom presentation “practice”.  I have steadily been getting the hang of the classroom teaching which, in my opinion has been more challenging than the in-water skills teaching.  I credit the easy transition to my experience as a DM.  I am not sorry that I took the time to become a bit experienced as a DM before taking the course.  I have had some wonderful opportunities to teach in confined water and have been able to act as an assistant in open water a few times.  I credit one particular instructor with my ability to obtain this experience, you know who you are!

Last week we did 2 classroom presentations and a confined water presentation.  We also wrapped up the “death by powerpoint” portion of the course last night.  The presentations, if a bit boring at times, have also been extremely valuable.  I’m looking forward to polishing my skills and being the teacher.  I see it as an oportunity to share my passion with others and watch them develop as divers.  My mentors said it best when he said “we are in the transformation business”.  We really are in the business of transformation; from tentative about the unknown to confident and fascinated.  It’s an awesome experience for all and I am privileged to be a part of that.

We worked at a great pool on Saturday morning with 3 students and 2 upper level instructors.  The day proved to be a bit frustrating but I learned and it was a good environment to do it in.  As others have said “this is the place to learn” and it really is.  I often over think things and I am my own toughest critic.  It’s a positive and a negative.  Because I am persistent and expect the best possible performance from myself it can be hard to stomach my mistakes.  But because I am persistent and have high expectations I also don’t quit and in the end I perform at my best in everything I do, eventually.

Sunday we started the day with a presentation and discussion on dive theory.  It was probably the part of the course that concerned me the least.  It still is but I did learn a few things from a different angle and they make more sense now.  It’s not so much knowing what we do as it is knowing why we do it.  It’s incredibly valuable to me as an instructor when teaching students with different learning styles.  We were scheduled to work in the ocean in the afternoon but mother nature had other plans.  I loved the fact that our instructor let us discuss it and talk about why we wouldn’t make our dives.  It turned to be a really good call because it poured cats and dogs all afternoon.  The run off combined with the surf and the cold rain would have made for a miserable afternoon of training.  As a result, we will have to train on sunday, our planned day off.  But we decided it couldn’t get much worse this weekend and even if it does we can do our training off a boat if we have to.

Tomorrow I am going to get another opportunity to “fine tune” my equipment and weighting to a level that will be best for the instructor exam.  It’s an additional opportunity to get in the ocean and I’m glad to have it.

I’m reasonably confident that I will have no trouble at the IE but I am very confident that I have the knowledge and training necessary for success.  The rest comes down to nerves and not letting them get the better of me.  I CAN DO THIS!


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  1. babyfeat
    Jan 31, 2013 @ 06:11:49

    It’s been so great to experience this process with you. You can do it!


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