IDC the First Week

Monday started the first week of the IDC(instructor development course). We started in the classroom, just one other person is taking the class with me. The classroom stuff is boring at times but informative too. We learn specific techniques that PADI wants us to use when we teach. It’s an interesting exercise. It makes perfect sense and I’m sure someone spent a lot of time developing it.

The first classroom presentation was nerve-wracking because it all feels strange. Doing a lesson according to their outline is awkward at first but it becomes a bit easier as time goes on. My classmate and I “passed” our first presentation with a score that would have been passing at the IE(instructor exam). The instructor is easy to be around and easy to learn from. He has a ton of real life experience and plenty of pointers and feedback.

The schedule of the IDC is exhausting but I still love the class. By thursday night I was dead on my feet. I had a day off on friday and I spent it prepping my confined water presentation for Saturday followed by crawling back in bed. I slept most of the day.

Saturday morning we gathered at Magic Island which is part of Ala Moana Beach Park. Not our first choice but it was the only place that would be suitable for what we needed to do. We were lucky to have 2 divemaster candidates willing to be used as students for our presentations. I presented my first confined water presentation “neutral buoyancy underwater using the oral inflator only”. I made some mistakes but overall it was a good experience. Everyone has been so encouraging throughout the whole process.

After our presentations we worked on some skills. I flailed miserably trying to perform a fin pivot and the instructor renamed the hover into “the hilarious” since my classmate and I both wound up upside down. Taking the BCD off and putting it back on under water was also and interesting exercise. But at least we were entertaining.

On Sunday, after getting coached on our confined water teaching, we presented our first open water presentations off of Kakaako Waterfront Park. It went very well actually. We both scored close to perfect. I credit that to having gotten feedback the day before and implementing those things. I was extremely happy with an average score of 4.9 out of a possible 5! We also practiced more skills, and another rescue scenario. Perhaps the high point of the morning was getting the afternoon off.

So far the IDC has been great. Everyone is supportive and positive, the instructor is patient and my classmate and I seem to be starting in about the same place. We both seem to struggle with similar if not identical skills. I love that the instructor is willing to take whatever time is needed to ensure that we make the most of the training.

Today was a day off for the holiday and I spent it sleeping as well. The schedule is kicking my butt but I’m loving it. I know that makes no sense. I was able to get cookies, a salad and chicken salad made this afternoon that will feed me for at least the first part of the week. I am eating dinner on the go throughout the course so I have been making things that I can take with me. Taking this course requires more planning and time management on my part than any course before it. I must have dinners planned that my husband can make and also plan to get something for myself separately. I have been dropping the kids off at Taekwondo and John has been picking them up which allows me to be to class around 5. Class finishes usually around 9 and then it’s home to unwind and get to bed. No matter what I do though it seems I can’t make it to be before 10pm.

No doubt this week will be similar. I’m hoping I have started to figure out how to plan things though. I think I’ve left enough quick and easy things for John to make as well as pre-made enough healthy food for myself. Healthier than fast food at least. Salad with black beans, corn and peas as well as chicken salad that I made today will serve as staples for me this week.


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