This weekend I took the EFR-I (emergency first responder-instructor) course. It was a fun course that is a prerequisite to become an OWSI(open-water scuba instructor). We looked at the curriculum base and talked about teaching strategies.

I was fortunate enough to have another gentleman in class with us who teaches CPR and First Response courses for other agencies. So he was a great source of information for us. He was crossing over his skills so that he can teach the EFR course in addition to the others he already teaches.

EFR is taught with the assumption that EMS is readily available and has been simplified to promote the retention of skills. The simplification and relaxed atmosphere also make it more likely that a person will feel comfortable in helping someone else when faced with an emergency.

It’s an interesting transition for the health care professional. My training, both in EMS and in nursing, is much more in-depth than the EFR course. So there are maneuvers and treatments that I learned in my health care provider course that do not extend to the layperson. My education also helps me to explain things to my students. I can explain to them the science and reasoning about the skills because I have been exposed to that. So it’s something they may not get from the next guy. The fact that I have completed First Aid and CPR courses several times helps me to be confident in demonstrating skills for others. Although there are places where I have to alter those skills.

Overall, the experience was a positive and fun one and I’m looking forward to starting the IDC this evening. We’re shooting to start at 5:00pm so that we can finish at 9:00pm, an hour earlier than we originally planned. We’re fortunate to have only myself and one other student so time is flexible. At least we all agree that we would rather be done earlier because it will be better for my schedule. Coming home at 10:30pm could be really rough when I have to get up and take the kids to school for 7:30am.


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  1. cravesadventure
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 13:32:52

    Good Luck with the courses and broaden your knowledge. When I was training to be a certified lifeguard that hardest thing was administrating CPR and first aid in the water and most times you were treading water. Happy Monday:)


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