Kona Day 3

The final day out with Kona Diving Company started like the previous days.  Great customer service, great conversations and great people.  We met a couple on our trip and dove with them 2 days.  The first day that we met them they had their son in law with them and the second day we were paired with them again.  By the time we got to Monday Shaggy was comfortable with all 4 of us and as we dropped off the boat we paired off and met him down below the boat. 

2012-11-19 11.14.07

John’s favorite animal in the sea is the octopus and there was no shortage of them on Monday morning.  He must have found 3 or 4 and each time in gets tunnel vision.  He’s lost on the octopus and doesn’t pay attention to anything, not even his air supply.  It kinda makes me nuts. 

But, I digress.  The first dive site of the day was called devils gate and there was a story behind it but I can’t remember what it was.  The really cool thing we saw on the first dive was a cow fish. 

2012-11-19 08.51.042012-11-19 11.37.31

 We also saw the saddleback butterfly pictured above.  They are rare and skittish according to our guide.  We were also able to spot a reticulated frog fish. 

I know this post is just an overview of our dives and pretty short.  All I can say is it was a great time and we really relaxed with a company that took great care of us!


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