Kona day 2

I have been working a lot so pardon me for being behind.  Now I’m going to have to sort through the pictures and figure out which ones are from which day.  There are so many good ones I am having trouble making up my mind.  I credit that to my other half since he had the camera.

Our dives in Kona were my first experience with nitrox and I enjoyed it.  Though we didn’t do any dives where it would have extended my bottom time I didn’t feel the fatigue that john did.  Kona Diving Company’s staff all dive on nitrox also. 

The first dive on day two was at a place called aquarium.  The name of the site was a bit of a joke because it’s not that creative of a name.  We swam over to another area they call “suck em’ up”.  This name comes from the “skylights” in the caves that can “suck em up” during certain conditions. 

2012-11-18 09.13.34

I was really blow away at the different things we saw in Kona that we don’t see over on Oahu.  We did a total of 6 dives and didn’t see any turtles which would have been rare over here.  We also didn’t see a lot of nudibranchs. 

On the first dive we saw 3 leaf scorpionfish, a sponge crab, a red strip pipe fish (rare), and too many other reef fish to list.  2012-11-18 09.14.28

2012-11-18 09.22.30

The second dive was at a site called “golden arches”.  One of the really cool things we saw on this trip was a juvenile dragon wrasse.  They are very small and hard to spot and not like any other wrasse you might be familiar with. 

2012-11-18 11.36.56

Similar to the North Shore of Oahu there we quite a few archways and swim throughs on our dives.  I’m the landscape picture person, though, and John had the camera the whole time. 

2012-11-18 11.15.00

2012-11-18 11.22.41


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