Koko Head

2012-12-02 06.57.54

A friend of mine is leaving the island soon and she wanted to do Koko Head before she leaves.  The plan was to go and watch the sunrise from the summit.  That didn’t exactly work out.  My alarm was set for 0430 but it never went off.  So I woke up about 0510 and we were rolling around 0530.  However, Koko Head is on the other side of the island and we made it there right as the sun was rising.  Sunrise was supposed to be 0647 but it started a little before that.  Even though we missed sunrise from the top the timing was still good because we were able to hike it in the cool early morning.  Koko Head is fully exposed and there is no shade to be found so doing it early is the best plan.

Our group this morning was 4 including my friend and his daughter along with Amanda and myself.  The hike is up an old railroad track to the series of pill boxes used as an observation point and was no doubt armed with guns of varying sizes also.

This hike is no joke!  Bring plenty of water, and leave small children home unless you want to carry them.  It’s a steep set of railroad tracks with loose sandy soil all around.  This can make for slippery conditions if the trail gets wet and even if it’s dry.

Amanda dropped out around half way when her asthma and fear of heights got the better of her, Ayla never would have made it had it not been for her dad pushing her on and Eric probably never should have started the hike at all.

The three of us made the summit, finally and I let the dog off his leash and let him run around a bit.

2012-12-02 08.34.10

Just before we started to make our way down Eric slipped and fell and hurt his knee.  There is a metal grate for a roof at the summit that had become slippery from a few sprinkles.

Eric made his way down slowly because he was injured and I was in n real rush to reach the bottom.  All of a sudden out of no where my ankle rolled and it hurt so bad it brought me down on my butt and had me gritting my teeth in pain.

After I rested a little bit I was able to put weight on it and walk the rest of the way down.  It wasn’t pretty but we got er done.   As Eric and I reached the bottom we spotted an ambulance and a fire truck coming up and we both said we hoped it was not for us.  We were relieved to find that Amanda had kept Ayla in check and they were not there for us.  They did, however, evac someone off the mountain with the helicopter right at we were leaving.

2012-12-02 08.34.42

2012-12-02 08.33.42

Haunama Bay Below

I guess tomorow I’ll be calling Orthopedics to tell them I re-injured the same ankle.


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