Some Vacation Diving

John has been on leave for the last 2 weeks and it’s been nice to have the help and to spend some time together.  Mother nature didn’t give us many good days for diving but we made use of the time in other ways.  We did some christmas shopping etc.  Yesterday, thursday 9/27/12, the conditions were right and we headed out for a 2 tank dive while the kids were in school. 

Per his request we headed first to the Haleiwa Trench for a deep dive.  When I got down I felt the visibility wasn’t good enough so I surfaced and came it.  He and our neighbor elected to continue the dive and they saw some cool stuff.

Dwarf eel @ haleiwa trench

Next, we headed out to Three Tables for a second tank.  When we arrived I could see that there was a current running out to see in one of the typical places.  I knew we would have to fight it on the way back in.  So, I altered the plan and made our dive off in the opposite direction in the direction of firehouse.    We ran right into the Puka (hole) that eluded me on a couple of previous dives.  It’s the starting point for a dive along a wall headed out to sea.  John had the camera so I have to give him credit for the photography.  A lot of the pictures he took are the best quality pictures that have been taken on either of the under water camera’s we have owned. 

Hawk fish

Box fish

Spanish Rose- the egg sack for the spanish dancer

The swimthrough we visited had its resident shark in the cave and John managed to get 1 good shot without the use of a strobe or other external flash.  That is, perhaps, the most impressive think with this camera.  This a white tip reef shark.  They are docile and not very big.  Maybe 2-3ft in length.  If you look closely you can see the white tips on its fins. 


We stayed for quite some time watching the shark and trying to get some decent pictures.  When we emerged I decided that we would look around an area that’s called horseshoe reef. 

The first picture I have of John and I together under water.

Fellows Nudibranch

John’s favorite creature, the octopus

I try to learn something every time I dive and on this dive I learned a few things.  First, John is a decent photographer when given the right equipment.  Next I learned that, as the dive leader, you have to be flexible.  I knew that but it was an exercise in flexibility because as soon as we made entry at 3 tables I could feel a strong surge and a moderate current.  In this case it didn’t cause me to end the dive but rather to change the plan a bit.  In the end everyone had a great dive and it makes me feel good to be able to adapt to slightly unexpected conditions while still showing people a good time.  Even if those people are just my husband and next door neighbor. 




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  2. BCDiver573
    Oct 10, 2012 @ 06:13:31

    Had some great dives with you! Hopefully we’ll be back next year for some more!


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