North Shore Mania

I’ve been doing all my diving on the north shore of Oahu these days.  I’ve had the opportunity to dive off a boat a little bit and seen a frogfish out at one of those sites.  There’s been a stingray in shark’s cove a few times lately and I saw an eagle ray the other day also. 

I’ve also had the opportunity to hone my skills at leading a dive.  I’ve had several opportunities lately to go out with less experienced divers and practice.  They’ve all been friends and nothing was really a working dive but still lots of fun.  Probably more fun than working. 

Labor day weekend I was able to take our new next door neighbors out.  The original plan was to take all 3 of them but the 11-year-old couldn’t equalize his ears so I took the two adults one at a time.  We did the right side of shark’s cove twice and they both loved it! 

On Monday, Labor Day itself, John and I both had 2 nice dives with a friend of mine that left for the mainland for a while.  The first dive we did Car Wash and saw a shark swimming around in a cave and the second dive we did firehouse wall and saw another shark.  My husband was thrilled since it was his first time seeing a shark.  Even if they were just little reef sharks.  I think the firehouse wall is one of the best dives on the island.  I could spend all day out there and never get bored.   

Just a few days later I took one of them back out and did firehouse to shark’s cove.  On that dive we saw an eagle ray, his first and had a great shallow topography dive.  It practiced my navigation of that site on him. 

Unfortunately, right now I’m stuck in a boot after having twisted my ankle pretty good.  I am seeing a doctor on Thursday and I hope that I haven’t done any serious damage.


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