Kalawahine Trail

My hiking buddy isn’t working this week so I had someone to get on the trail with again.  Today I decided to try the Kalawahine trail because it connects with Pauoa flats trail which leads to K1, K2, the two highest peaks in the Ko’olau mountains.  Although I didn’t expect to do that yesterday I wanted to check out the route. 

The Kalawahine trail is located in the Honolulu watershed forest reserve in the same area as the Makiki Trail and Pu’u Ohia Trail.  There are several other trails there and some of them even link with the trails in Nu’uanu and Manoa.  The watershed is a rainforest and, though there are houses there, it’s very lush and green.  But with lush and green comes mud…lol.

We started out on the trail and found it an easy hike on a well traveled and maintained trail.  True to form for a rainforest, we got caught in a bit of a downpour at one point but it stopped and we were on our way and dry in no time.  This trail offers some views of downtown that are obstructed by high plants.  But that’s not really what this hike is about.  It’s more of a green and peacful hike than a hike with sweeping views.  We saw many strawberry guava on the ground and also ginger and plumeria along the way.  In the past I have seen people in the area harvesting varios fruits and other plants that can be eaten in the area.  I don’t know what the trees of the fruits look like or I might try some myself. 

We enjoyed a 5 mile hike today and scouted a little bit of the route to K1, K2, the two highest peaks in the ko’olau mountains.  For my 4 month old puppy it was a first as well and he was very good.  In fact, he learned that he could jump up on things higher than he thought.  Perhaps now I won’t have to lift him onto the couch.

Enjoy the few pics I took.  We spent a decent amount of time contending with mud and just enjoying the work out and social time so I didn’t take a lot. 

Muddy Dog


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