New Mask

Friday morning, when I arrived at the pool for work, I realized that my mask was broken.  As I took a closer look I realized that it could not be repaired easily.  I made due with a rental mask for the day. 


 When I got back to the shop I asked about getting a part for the mask but the shop owner didn’t seem to think that it would be worth repairing.  Since I got the mask on sale for $50 I tend to agree.  So, I had to find a new mask since she doesn’t carry that one any more. 

I went in and tried on almost all the masks in the shop, something I didn’t really do the first time.  I have learned a few things since I bought the first mask.  I have had my eye on the Oceanic Shadow for months and I tried it along with the Tusa Freedom One.   I was surprised that I prefered the Tusa mask for a few reasons.  I’ve always prefered a mask with one lens and I’ve always liked the neoprene strap on my mask since it doesn’t pull my hair.  But this time I found myself looking at more than just those things.  For comfort the Tusa mask wins hands down.  The strap and skirt of the mask are super soft and mold well to the face.  Having just broken a side clip I also found myself looking more closely at how they were constructed and how exposed they were to damage. 

I went back and forth with the shadow several times and in the end I decided the Tusa mask was a better fit.  I tried it for the first time on Saturday and was not disappointed.  I loved the way the mask fit my face.  I naturally exhale through my nose and was constantly pulling my Oceanic Mako mask down on my face.  The Freedom One has a softer skirt that allows for the air to escape without the mask inching up my face.  The soft skirt makes this mask super comfortable, so much so that you can almost forget it’s there. 

Tusa Freedom One

I want to make sure that I say that the Oceanic Mako was a perfectly functional and relatively comfortable mask.  It’s made well but it just didn’t stand up to the abuse that I was throwing at it.  Then again I dive 3-4 times a week, that’s a lot of abuse.  It’s a good choice for someone who doesn’t do as much diving as I do or someone who doesn’t exhale through the nose. 

oceanic shadow

The oceanic shadow mask (above) is very popular as well.  Many people like it including my husband and others that I work with.  It has a soft skirt and a low profile that allow it to fit people with different sizes and shapes of face. 

I find that different masks fit different people and those that can be fit to several different faces are popular. I think the Shadow is probably the most popular mask we sell.  It’s middle of the road pricing as well as the low profile and great seal make is a popular choice. 

In the end the Tusa Freedom One was the best choice for me and I look forward to many more dives with it.  I learned through this experience that keeping the plastic container the mask comes in is important.  You can buy commercial mask cases that offer the same protection but the mask came with a plastic case and I will keep the mask in there from now on. That’s something I didn’t do with the first mask.  If I had it may not have gotten broken as quickly.  Lucky for me I work for a dive shop. 





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