Getting my feet wet

Yesterday was the second time I have gone to turtle bay resort to do introductory dives in the pool.  Friday, for some odd reason, I really didn’t have anyone that was interested.  I wondered about this since it’s the busiest time of year.  Yesterday, however, was a completely different story. 

As soon as I arrived a little before 10am I had 8 people come and fill out paperwork so that they could try diving in the pool.  It’s a lot of fun to see people get excited about scuba diving.  I told everyone to fill out the paperwork and that as soon as I got set up I would give a briefing and get everyone in the pool two at a time.  It was a lucky break to get all 8 people together so that I only had to give the briefing once. 

First, I took two kids in the water whose parents didn’t want to join them.  After that there were 2 more kids from Germany and then a father and daughter pair.  A good time was had by all and in between I had several more people ask if they could sign up.  I directed them to my clipboard for the paperwork and asked them to fill it out.  Little did I know that it was already getting late.  I was also fielding questions from certified divers and handing out business cards and flyers. 

The last 2 people in the pool were a young couple probably in their 20’s.  After I got them in the water he told me he was actually a certified diver but it had been a long time since he had gone diving.  His wife was uncertified.  Both completed their skills but when it came time to swim in the deep end of the pool she opted not to.  She just said that she didn’t think it was for her.  I’m glad she had the wisdom to say it.  I love helping people discover scuba diving but it’s not for everyone.  I give her credit for saying that she didn’t care for it when her husband was obviously excited at the prospect of them enjoying the activity together.  From a safety standpoint, though, it was very wise of her.  After all it’s supposed to be fun and if it’s not then why do it?

I started writing this on 7/25/12 and it’s now 8/2/12.  That says a little something about how busy I have been.  Since I wrote this I have been working a few days a week and enjoying it.  I learn something new each time and I’m slowly but surely getting better and better.  It’s been a great few weeks.


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