Fun Dive Kaneohe Bay

John and I had a rare oportunity to dive in Kaneohe bay this weekend.  We boarded a pontoon boat from the marine corps base marina and headed out to the sandbar.  The sandbar is a great place to hang out and we never knew there was a reef there.  We have only been out to the sandbar once before and that was before we were divers. 

The bottom of the bay is soft sand and silt so it requires tightly controled buoyancy.  Its a very shallow dive with a max depth of about 30 feet.  There were several large coral heads that were different from what we normally see on the north shore.  The reef life is similar but different species come in different quantities.  There were more porcupine fish than we usually see and lots of feather dusters.  There were also some really strange worms that resembled intestines. 


Feather Duster

 The best part of the diving was spending time with my husband.  I don’t get the oportunity that often so it’s nice to get out without the kids for a day of diving.


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