Eat, Sleep, Dive

The last 2 weeks have proven busy.  I logged my 100th dive Saturday Night at the Haleiwa Trench with some friends.  I have worked at Turtle Bay resort 3 times and I have been out in the ocean with certified divers 3 times. 

This is the busy season for the dive shop and that has yielded some great opportunities for me to get my feet wet and continue learning.  The bonus is that I get to make a little money in the process which helps easy the budget a bit.  I think I have been able to prove myself a bit with my boss and that so far she has been happy with my work. 

Yesterday I had the opportunity to dive with 6 gentlemen from Canada who are amazing athletes.  Apparently they do extreme racing of all kinds.  They told us that they participated in the SUP (stand up paddle) race over the weekend from Molokai to Oahu.  That takes some really amazing stamina.  They told us that they go all over the world participating in running, cycling and other types of events that push the limits of the body.  They mentioned doing road races that cover 250 kilometers in 2 days. 

They were filming the Discover Scuba experience yesterday and the instructor and myself were both caught on film.  I asked them to please email me and let me know where we can see the program.  It was a pretty neat thing to be a part of.


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