Spreading my wings

I had an unusual opportunity today to accompany an instructor into open water as a paid assistant.  I got a call from the shop owner on Tuesday asking if I could help with discover scuba today.  PADI standards allow for up to 4 participants when conducting discover scuba with an instructor.  They also allow for 2 additional people for each certified assistant.  There were 6 people requesting to go out on today’s dive and by sending me along the shop was able to accommodate that. 

Two of the divers that accompanied us today were certified.  We had 2 really great dives.  I was able to take the certified divers inside the swim-throughs, my favorite.  I felt that today was a really great opportunity.  I was able to lead certified divers while having the instructor there to back me up.  As the other divers got a little lower on air I was able to stay out with the certified divers and show them around a bit more while the others headed back. 

As we reached the edge of shark’s cove I turned around and asked one of the divers if he was cold.  He was wearing only a pair of board shorts and a 2mm top so I thought he might be getting cold.  He responded that, yes he was cold, or so I thought.  Instead of looking around in the cove we headed back to shore.  When we ended our dive we were discussing how much air we had left, something divers always compete on, and I mentioned that I headed back because he was cold.  He said something to the effect of “Oh, I wasn’t cold I thought you were telling me not to use my arms when I was swimming”.  We all got a bit of a chuckle out of that one, but we still had a great dive. 

The second dive was a bit shorter and also a bit deeper.  We saw lots of nudibranchs, a white mouth moray eel, a juvenile turtle and plenty of fish.  That’s the great thing about Hawaii, there is always lots to see! 

I also had the opportunity to try a different set of fins today that are more flexible than the ones I own.  Wow, what a difference.  I have a stress fracture in one of my feet and I have been told that with time it will heal on its own and that swimming is ok.  I notice, though, that when I dive the pain gets worse for a day or two since the fins stress the foot.  But, the fins I used today didn’t stress my foot at all.  They were great for in water positioning and I was able to stand easier in shallow water when it was necessary.  I’m in trouble now because they cost a pretty penny.  I have fin envy….lol


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  1. babyfeat
    Jul 20, 2012 @ 04:09:20

    Sounds like you did a great job leading everyone! What a great opportunity


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