Divemaster goes live

Yesterday was my first opportunity to act as a guide to a group of people and it went well.  I ended up with 6 divers following my lead on 2 dives at shark’s cove.  Navigating in Shark’s Cove is relatively easy since there is a wall that you can follow along. 

On the first dive I was planning to lead the group out to an area we call “the cathedral”.  We followed the wall along and saw lots of little fish and different types of coral along the way.  I got an appreciation for what the guide does.  It’s multi-tasking under water.  As a group leader not only am I expected to navigate, but I am also expected to point out interesting things along the way.  I managed it, but I know that I missed a lot of things too while I monitored air consumption and made sure the group stayed together.  In fact, on the way out I completely overshot the “cathedral” and only found it on the way back when we were swimming out to sea a bit more.  I just remember thinking, “oh well we’re still having a great dive” and on the way back “oh there’s that darned cathedral”  That’s the life of a divemaster and, to be honest, I really enjoyed it. 

I found the whole experience to be very rewarding.  It made me feel good to see people excited about the things that they saw and the dialog that goes along with it.  It really is one of the best jobs out there. 

For our second dive we went out to the lava tubes and followed the wall in the opposite direction as the first dive.   This time we were smaller in numbers, only 4 plus myself.  We moved along at a relatively slow pace and took our time looking for small things.  In my opinion, slow and easy is what diving should be.  It’s should be a relaxing experience.  I can’t really remember what all we saw out there.  I was wishing for my camera for sure though when I found a huge lizardfish, or at least I think that’s what it was.  It was probably 18 inches in length and appeared to be green.  It looked a lot like an iguana to me. 

All told, we had 2 65 minute dives.  I was pretty frozen by the time we finished the second dive and we all had kids to get home to.  I really enjoyed it and I give kudos to my husband for staying him with my older son.  I couldn’t have had better luck for leading my first dive at Shark’s cove, a site I know pretty well.


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  1. BCDiver573
    Jul 16, 2012 @ 04:25:12

    Great work! It’s good to hear you’re having a good time as a DM!


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