Discover Scuba Diving Internship

Things around here have been very crazy.  I’ve been home with my kids during the week most of the time.  I’ve been going out diving every chance I get and a lot of my time has been dedicated to my discover scuba diving internship.

For those who don’t know, discover scuba is usually done by an instructor.  But, as a divemaster, I can conduct DSD in confined water, aka a pool.  I can only take 2 people at a time vs. the 4 and instructor can take and I have to complete and extra internship.  Originally I was thinking of doing the assistant instructor course but, because of the cost, I have decided to put that on hold for the time being.  Doing the DSD internship allows me to reach one of my goals while being cost-effective. 

The internship requires that I accompany an instructor 4 separate times on discover scuba diving.   I have, so far, completed 3 or my 4 required internships.  The internship has also been able to be completed while I wait for my credentialing from PADI.  As part of the internship I have gone to turtle bay resort where the dive shop offers free intros twice a week. 

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to conduct the program mostly on my own.  The instructor that went with my helped with some of the logistics of setting up gear but I did all of the teaching.  For the most part it went well.   I really enjoyed the feedback I got from the instructor and the pointers on fine tuning the way I do things.  I learned a lot yesterday and I think I can apply a lot of what I learned in order to positively impact the way I teach the DSD program.  Of course the only place I would really be able to use this is in a pool, but it’s still one more skill that could make me employable in the dive industry. 




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  1. dive equipment
    Jul 30, 2012 @ 19:00:10

    how do i get this internship, if im from Australia?


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