Firehouse Wall and Shark’s Cove to Firehouse

Yesterday’s dive was great!  I went out with the 2 buddies I have been diving with for the last several weeks.  I love diving with these 2 since our styles match nicely.  We take it nice and slow and look for little stuff.  They are much better at finding things than I am but I’m getting better. 

The tide was up which allowed us to enter at firehouse.  If its low tide it’s just too hard to get in from this entry point.  We dropped in about 15ft of water and swam through a cave almost immediately where I saw a spotted puffer fish.  Then we made our way along a wall looking around as we went.  There was a current pushing us toward the wall so we had to be careful to stay clear of the fragile coral.  Once we came up and over the wall though the current was helping us along and we had to exert very little effort which is always nice.  We found a dwarf eel as well as several nudibranchs.  Soon we were at a swim through which is probably one of my favorite things.  The under water landscape just fascinates me.  I love swimming into these areas and looking around.  We found a psychedelic file fish in the first swim through as well as a spiny lobster.  As we continued along the we saw a whole school of chubs and a few schools of white lined surgeon fish which had  a variety of other surgeon and butterfly fish mixed in.  On top of the wall we saw several nurseries with baby hawkfish and wrasse.  I also spotted some little cleaner wrasse that have really brightly colored bodies of purple and yellow.  On our way back to shore my buddy spotted a large conger eel sleeping on it’s back.  At first glance I thought it was a shark and I signaled “shark” she replied with the signal for eel.  She later said she had never seen one sleep on its back before.  I was reminded of a dog all sprawled out and comfy on the floor.  Since eels have to open their mouths to breathe it looked like it was snoring.  Kind of funny.  Near the end of that dive we saw a large white mouth moray in a hole and a turtle sleeping under a rock.  That was a great dive!  I was kicking myself for leaving my camera on shore.  This was the first time I have done this dive during the day and I will definitely be doing it again!  It’s a lesser known area and teeming with life!

a nursery with lots of little fishies

The second dive it was decided that we would start in shark’s cove and exit at firehouse and that way we could pick up the dive flag we had left at firehouse.  So we made our way down the hill and into the cove.  I have done this route at night and in the reverse order but never during the day.  There is a large rock on the left hand side of the cove that is shaped like a giant anchor which I use as a visual reference.  We passed this rock and then headed out along a wall that led out to sea.  We then came up over that wall and headed out toward firehouse at a leisurely pace.  During our surface interval we noticed the wind was blowing from the east and we hoped that it would push us along toward our destination.  But there didn’t seem to be any current in any direction under the water.  We passed the cathedral and shortly thereafter I spotted a large triton’s trumpet shell.  We didn’t disturb it since we need more of them.  The organism that lives inside the shell is the only thing that preys on that crown of thorns that eats away at the reef. 

part of the cathedral

Just before we reached our dive flag I spotted a large eel as it hid under a rock.  I rang my bell and my buddies were able to see the large white mouth as it stuck about 1/4 of its 4-5 foot body out from under the rock.  It looked at us and then swam back under the rock and into a cave too small for humans.  We think perhaps it was the same white mouth that we saw on our first dive since.  Unfortunately, the Triton’s trumpet was the last picture I was able to take because my battery died in my camera. 

There was so much to see yesterday and it was so nice to be in the water and relax with friends.  I discovered 2 new daytime dive routes and loved every minute of it!


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