Saturday Boat Dive

Yesterday was a really fun day.  It started at 5am at the shop.  We packed up and got down to the harbor at 7am and boarded the Kahala Kai. 

The first site was the Sea Tiger wreck dive.  The wreck is 115 ft at the sand and the deck sits in about 100 feet of water.  We went down on the line with a total of 7 people, 4 students, 2 instructors plus myself.  Wrecks are a unique type of dive because they create their own under water habbitat and really cool scenery for divers.  Wrecks, generally, lie in deep water and, popular to contrary belief, a lot of them were put there on purpose as a habitat for fish.  On the sea tiger we saw a lot of fish particularly a frog fish, several eels and a school of pennant butterfly fish.  But, on a wreck dive, at least for me, there is more to it.  It’s just fun to peak into holes and look at the under water landscape.  With the depth comes a time limit.  A lot of the diving I do I don’t have to watch my time or depth that closely.  But, at greater depth comes greater risk and greater skills are needed.  No decompression limits need to be followed in order to prevent problems, air consumption needs to be monitored, and a safety stop must be made.  Suprisingly, despite having relatively little experience at depths greater than 60 feet, my skills proved sharp.  I didn’t really have to thing about these things.  My brain told me that I needed to watch my air and no decompression times and that I needed to make a safety stop.  About the only thing I couldn’t do automatically was time a 3 minute stop.  Thankfully, my computer does that for me. 

Our second dive we were moored at Horseshoe Reef and swam over to Kewalo Pipe.  There we found more eels, a sponge crab, a leaf and titan scorpion fish just to give the highlights.  I also noticed something new looking at the coral closely.  I saw a very small flower-like thing on the surface of the coral.  When I went to take a closer look the organism retreated inside the coral.  After we surfaced I asked what they were, christmas tree worms. 

After we returned from our boat dive we had work to do to clean up and then headed back out.  This time we met a friend of mine for a private class with my instructor.  Yesterday was the confined water portion of her open water class and we conducted it inside the “estuary” or tide pools at shark’s cove.  The reason I advised her to take the private class is because she has anxiety in the water when she can’t see well.  Well, she made a liar out of me yesterday.  She flew threw all the skills with surprising ease and comfort.  And then, true to form, she asked me why I didn’t tell her about this sooner.  Of course, I’ve only been telling her for months and telling her to read the book for weeks.  

When I got home I was completely exhausted.  I went to bed at 9pm so I could get up and do it again today.  But…that’s another post.


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