Dive Master Skills Day

This morning I got a little bit of a break and was able to arrive at 8am at the shop.  One of the instructors was waiting for the two other candidates and myself.  My instructor today was someone I have worked with before and I really like.  He’s always smiling and has something nice to say.  It’s one of the things I love about all the instructors at Deep Ecology, all of the instructors are easy to get along with and very patient.  I’ve gotten a glimpse into their world through this course and I don’t know if I could do what they do.  No matter how a dive goes or how much of a hard time a student has they are always smiling and have something positive to say. 

The plan this morning was to head to Jameson’s beach because it’s protected from surf and, for the most part, current making it an ideal place to do our timed swim events.  Today, however, there was a canoe race going on and we were unable to get in to that site.  From there we headed to Three Tables but the surf was breaking over the tables so that’s wasn’t going to work either.  Our last resort was to head to Magic Island for our training since it’s protected with partial sea walls.  The biggest drawback to this site is the hike to the water.  We were lucky today and got a good parking spot so the walk was a bit shorter. 

 The timed events each have a score of 1-5 depending upon the time it takes to complete that task.  The parameters are different for each event with 5 being the best time and 1 simply completing the task outside the parameters.  In order to pass the overall section of the course you must score at least 15 out of 25.  When I read these parameters I was concerned about my ability to complete these in the allotted time in order to achieve a score of 15.  One of the events was almost an automatic 5, the 15 minute tread with the hands out of the water for the last 2 minutes. 

The first thing we did was our 400 meter swim without swim aids, not even a mask.  I really thought the other two DMC’s were going to blow me away and they did finish before me but not as far ahead as I thought.  I finished the 400 meter swim with a score of 3.  Next was the 800 meter swim with swim aids.  The hitch on this one is that you are not allowed to use your arms.  I also finished this one with a 3.  After the 15 minute float the only other event we completed today was the 100 meter tired diver tow.  Again, I finished in the 3 category.

After doing 4 out of 5 events we were all ready to do some diving.  Unfortunately there really wasn’t much of that today.  We found some deeper water, as in over our heads, and dropped to our knees for the skills workshop.  I completed most of the skills another day so I only had a few to complete.  Two of the classes that divemasters can conduct independently are skin diving and scuba review and there is an internship that goes along with each.  So instead of counting my skill demonstrations for skills I was able to count them as part of the two internships I needed. 

So at the end of the day today I accomplished a lot.  I also had a genuinely good time thanks to my fellow DMC’s.  These guys are goofy as heck.  They provided comic relief all day long.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been around people so childish.  I know what you’re thinking, “that’s not a positive”, but it is.  They are 2 fun-loving people who are unafraid to be who they are.  They like to joke and do things to make themselves and others laugh.  It’s actually quite refreshing.  We, as adults, all seem to think we have to be “mature” and often, in an effort to be mature, we lose our fun-loving selves.  I, thanks so my diving friends, am rediscovering my inner child.  I’m growing as human being by learning to “loosen up” and take things as they come.  It’s strange really, the way these two act is one of the traits that attracted me to my husband.  We were always laughing and now I’m starting to laugh at the things he does and says again.  Sometimes I worry too much about being embarrassed and I’m remembering that he’s just being funny and it’s ok to laugh at silliness.  

So, back to my exam.  After today I only need one more point to finish the swim circuit and my skills circuit, scuba review and skin diver are all complete.  The only thing I have left to complete now is the equipment exchange, rescue assessment and the search and recovery scenario. 

I have some things to practice but I’m really happy about how things turned out today!


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  1. happyhippierose
    Jun 04, 2012 @ 05:20:21

    Tag, you’re it!

    I “tagged” you today over at my blog, check it out here to see what that means: http://happyhippierose.com/2012/06/04/keeping-the-tag-moving/

    And then if you like, you can “keep the tag moving” over here on your blog.

    Reading your posts has me so homesick for Hawaii, and it’s hardly been more than a month since we left. Although, I will say – upstate/western New York is lovely. We’ve settled in outside of Buffalo and so far, so good – I love it here!! Anyways, keep up the hiking and diving in paradise, reading your posts helps me to still feel connected to Hawaii.



  2. happyhippierose
    Jun 04, 2012 @ 05:20:33



  3. cravesadventure
    Jun 04, 2012 @ 10:58:40

    Good Luck:)


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