Confined Water Workshop Supersized

Yesterday evening I accompanied 3 instructors to a college here on the island for the confined water portion of the Open Water course.  When I arrived at the shop the instructors were way ahead of me.  They had the tanks loaded and were just about finished with packing all the gear.   I guess they’ve done this a few times before.  I’ve never seen so much gear in one place nor have I ever seen that gear loaded into a van.  In this case logistics took careful planning. 

We had use of the pool on campus from 6-10pm and in the time all of confined water skills needed to be performed.  I was warned that we would be tight on time but I still underestimated the great effort it would take to keep things running smoothly.  There were a total of 17 students which were split into 3 groups.  The night was eye-opening for me and taught me a lot about how to keep a dive site running in the face of a challenge or two.  I got to meet a lot of new people and that’s probably the best part of diving.  I get to meet all kinds of people from all kinds of places.  They’re people who I would never meet otherwise and we have the common ground of diving.  I try to learn a little from each person. 

I finally hit the sack around 1am and got up at 6am in order to make it back to the dive shop for 7am this morning.  I’m pretty whipped right now and I’m on my own with the kids because hubby is at a charity run with his unit.  I’m hoping the kids go to bed easily for me. 

This morning I got a chance to work with an instructor I haven’t worked with before.  Each time I work with someone new, though I may know them personally, I have to adapt to their style of doing things.  Most things are the same but each instructor has a method of doing things and each teaches a little bit differently.  This benefits me in a few ways.  I get the chance to see how different people teach and what works for them and why.  Then I get to take some of the things I really like and incorporate that into my interaction with divers. 

We took 4 people out to do their navigation dive as part of Advanced Open Water.  I had a really enjoyable time and I got some great tips from the instructor.  I’m starting to feel like I could do this without the instructor.  But I’m not there yet. 

The last thing I did before I left the shop was talk about what I have left and how to move in that direction.  I set a goal of June 16th to have my divemaster finished.  I have several objectives to conquer between now and then but nothing that can’t be tackled with a little work and planning.  I have a few things to study in order to get ready for certain tasks but I’ll get there.  Tomorrow I should complete one more objective I hope.  There are a few more Dive Master Candidates that are getting their orientation tonight so I’m hoping that some time can be scheduled to complete a few of the objectives that are independent from the customers.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


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