Skills and Written Exam

This morning I got up and took Mason over to a friend’s house and Aidan to school so that I could meet with my instructor to do some of the skills that I need to perform to demonstration quality before I finish the program.  If I counted correctly I performed 14 of 24 skills today.  I’m happy to have them out-of-the-way.  I didn’t do the swims today because the tide was out and it was really shallow.  For the most part the skills went well.  My instructor had a weight belt in his car so that I could use it rather than the integrated weights in my BCD.  Having the weight belt also made it easier to perform the free dive skills with the wet suit on.  At the end of our dive we did some more skills and I found it hard to stay down in only 4 ft of water with an empty tank so I needed a little extra weight.  Once I had some extra weight I did ok.  The taking off the weights and BCD under the water will have to be done again.  I removed the BCD fine and I even did ok with the weights until they fell out of my hand and I shot to the surface…lol.  It was really shallow water and I pretty much just fumbled with the weights and that’s all.  I’ll get it right the next time.  It’s the weights that make it tricky.  You have to keep a hold of them because if you don’t you do exactly what I did, float.  

After we did a little work we went out and played a little too.  My instructor showed me a site he calls “Jameson’s Wall”.   The beach we entered at is called Jameson’s by local people because of the restaurant across the street by the same name that has been a Haleiwa land mark for a long time.  The water is generally pretty murky and shallow with a silt bottom but out farther there are some really large coral heads.  It’s very similar to the Haleiwa Trench dive.  That makes perfect sense since one is around the corner from the other.  The reef is pretty covered in silt and the vis isn’t great because of it.  Of course it’s also right in the boat channel also.   We saw plenty of turtles and a bunch of reef fish though.  Some of the turtles were probably 4 ft in diameter at least.  I saw a pretty large Puffer fish as well.  I didn’t take any pictures because the visibility wasn’t great.  That and I was in awe of the huge coral heads.  They are beautifully untouched and unknown.  I doubt if anyone could find this site without help.   

After the dive I went to the dive shop to drop off my tank and to check on what else I need to finish the course.  The only thing left is the free dive skills and a scuba review internship.  I also asked when I could schedule the second part of my exam and the instructor in the shop offered to give it to me.  So I took him up on it since I wanted to get it out-of-the-way.  I took the first part of the written exam last week I think and scored a 93%.  I put off taking part 2 because it’s the physics portion of the exam and I wanted to be sure I had all of the formulas straight in my head before I took it.  Today, I took part 2 and scored 95%.  Woohoo!  It feels great to get that off my plate.  It’s funny, I didn’t need to use any of the formulas that I studied.  I did everything with a calculator and an eRDPml.  The only thing I needed to figure out was partial pressure and the volume of things when taken to depth or to the surface.  I was pleasantly surprised.

It feels really good to have the academics out-of-the-way because now I can concentrate on the in water portion of the course and get it wrapped up.  In the mean time I’m going to go enjoy my birthday with my family!


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  1. Swirling Turnip
    May 22, 2012 @ 17:26:22

    You go girl! I love your posts and the fact that you just keep learning and pushing yourself. Keep this up and you will be the teacher and not the student. 🙂


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