Today I assisted with an Open Water Day 3 class.  The class had accomplished most of their objectives in the last 2 classes.  I was with them on Day 1 and I was excited to see how they had progressed.  Most of the time on the first day people are really out of their element.  They flounder around under water and struggle to get comfortable breathing under the water.  This class was no different.  On day 1 we had a couple people that struggled a bit with the whole idea of being able to breathe under water. 

Today, though, it was like a different group.  They were all comfortable in the water and were all ready to go out and spread their wings.  It’s really great to see people discover the under water world.  They come in unsure and they leave eager to explore the reef. 

Our dive today took place at shark’s cove.  We entered the water and they performed some skills on the surface while I anchored the flag as the instructor asked me to.  His instructions were to anchor the flag in about 20 ft of water.  But I also knew that I needed to be near a sandy area so that it would be safe for the students to sit on the their knees in the sand while they waited for the others.  The skills went fairly quickly and everyone did a great job.  We were able to explore the reef a little bit and it was really nice to see them excited by their surroundings.  For all of them, it was the first time they had gone diving in shark’s cove. 

I decided to sit out the second dive since I had studying to do and a sore foot.  I’m not sure what’s up with the foot but it seems to be aggrivated by diving.  By the time they came back I was ready for them.  We packed up all the gear with efficiency.  They learned a lot about that on day 2 apparently. 

When we returned to the shop I started some water to wash the gear and was suprised that they got right to work.  They didn’t need me to tell them a thing.  It was awesome because I was free to hook up and start filling tanks.  As with everything else, the transformation is amazing.  I have to wonder if the transformation was this great durring my open water class.  It really wasn’t all that long ago. 

After the gear was washed they had a final exam to work on and I had tanks to tend to.  I also had to wash my own gear.  I had my evaluation with the instructor and was pretty much ready to leave but decided to stick around.  I wanted to wait for them to finish their final exam so that I could congratulate them.  It didn’t seem right to just leave when I had spent time with them on 2 of their 3 training days. 

I used the time to review my divemaster packet.  After today I have completed all of the internships except one.  I made arrangements to complete that this coming weekend.  I was also able to talk to my mentor about completing my skills and swims on tuesday.  So the only thing left to do will be my physics exam.  Maybe I’ve been putting it off but I really want to be sure I’m solid before I do it.  After those 2 things are complete I have to complete a search and recovery and a deep scenario.  I’m not sure what all that involves yet.  Today was dive number 56 and I need 60.  So I should have no problem meeting the 60 dive requirement.  With any luck I will be a dive master by the first week in June.  I began the program on 5/10/12 so I would be happy to finish by 6/10/12.  Working about 3 days a week the program took about a month to complete.  It can be done quicker but the stars have to align for that.  You have to have all of the right classes going on and you have to be able to be very flexible to make that happen.  As things pick up for the summer I wouldn’t be suprised to see some dive master candidates complete the program in 3 weeks maybe a little less.  I think I will have spent about 15 days in the water and many aditional hours on my own studying.  I have been very fortunate to have a wonderful mentor as well as numerous other people who have helped me through the process.  I could not have chosen a beter place to be.  You know who you are, thank you!  It has been a lot of fun and a lot of work.  When it’s complete it will be quite the accomplishment!  I’m excited but let’s not count our chickens before they hatch.


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