Three Tables- just for fun

I went out this morning and did 3 tables with some people just for fun.  It was a pretty enjoyable time.  When we got in the water I asked who was leading and they all said “you are”.  Alrighty then.  There were a few pretty inexperienced divers with us so we stayed shallow and relatively close to shore.  Our first path was out and to the Left looking for sharks.  We found a shark at the end of the dive.  It was nice. 

On the second dive I didn’t really want to be the leader.  I can just relax more and look for more small stuff if I’m not leading the dive.  The group decided that we would head out to “firehouse” for the second dive.  This was a way better dive.  The rock formations are similar to what we see at shark’s cove and there are lots of nooks and crannies to look in.  We took our time, saw at least 2 different turtles and many many reef fish.  Our entry was at three tables but, we exited at “firehouse”.  I’m not a huge fan of that for an entry and exit.  This was the first time I did it as an exit and the path out really wasn’t evident to me right away.  It’s rocky and shallow but we made our way out without too much trouble.  It’s a really great area to dive and that makes it worth a little bit of trouble.  Not a place I would take tourists though. 

After a good morning of diving, here I sit.  I’m going to make some ribs and spend some time with my family before dinner.  Aloha to all!


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