Pro Night! May 18, 2012 6-9pm

I just came from a meeting at Deep Ecology. I can’t get enough of those positive loving people who have opened their hearts to me. On friday they are hosting a pro night so I wanted to take the opportunity to give them some free publicity. It’s not just for people who want to go pro. All of the staff will be there to talk to you about discovering a whole new world in the water. The have special guests coming, raffles and some amazing deals. I encourage anyone to come down on friday from 6-9 to see what Deep Ecology is all about. The people at DE are amazing and they treat everyone like family.  They are also very eco-conscious and are constantly organizing and participating in beach clean ups, turtle rescues and even their boat is eco friendly.  They genuninely care about preserving our oceans for long term sustainability. 

Did you know that if you are a military spouse you can get MyCAA to pay for your classes so that you can go pro? Deep Ecology is hooked up with MyCAA and can help you get the paperwork done. It’s an amazing opportunity to discover a wonderful sport and an amazing career.

Can you imagine having the ocean as your office and going to work each day excited about what you will discover? I have found an amazing amount of fulfillment in showing others my new-found passion for the ocean and for scuba diving. I get to go out diving every day and watch as people are transformed from tentative and nervous to total joy and awe. I credit my friends at DE for bringing me into the fold and showing me how awesome things can be.

Someday soon I hope that I too can have the ocean as my office and share my knowledge and experience with others. Yes, this whole thing is a shameless plug, and I won’t apologize. Diving is a lifestyle, we don’t make a lot of money but we get to do something new every day. No two dives are alike, even at the same site along the same route. I get to play a small role in helping others discover everything that is in our beautiful oceans.

So come out and join the fun!—Pro-Night-at-Deep-Ecology-this-Friday-May-18th-at-6pm-.html?soid=1102074949940&aid=JTT6SOkpMLM.!/events/436159699734154/


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