Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) Electric Beach

On 5/10/12 I participated in a discover scuba open water dive. We had 4 people to lead out and it was conducted at Electric Beach. One of the participants was the gentleman from Turtle Bay and the other 3 were a family. We moved our group through the surf zone and then they took turns performing skills and getting comfortable with the gear.  Discover scuba is all about being exposed to a really great sport and it’s awesome to see people as they get comfortable in the water and they see all that diving can offer.   A lot of people feel like they are not getting enough air in the beginning. When I did discover scuba I felt the same way. I can empathize because I rolled off the side of a boat and went into a full-blown panic myself. But really, there is plenty of air it’s just dry and that’s why it feel like you are suffocating. Of course, it has to be dry because when you put it in a metal cylinder the moisture has to be out to prevent corrosion of the cylinder.

There was some really great team work going on that day.  I love that my fellow team members are always willing to pitch in and help me while I learn.  It’s nice to know we have each other’s back.  Each time I go out I learn something new or pick up a little trick from someone I am working with.  Everyone has their own style and I try to take the best that everyone has to offer in order to better myself as a diver and a professional.  I can honestly say there has never been a time when I didn’t learn something new. 

As a dive master I will have to opportunity to share my knowledge and passion with others.  The dive shop I work with facilitates this with their professionalism and staff.  I love that everyone is focused on safety, fun and conservation.  When people become divers they really get a feel for protecting the under water world like no one else.  When you learn to dive you learn more than just swimming, breathing and skills.  Your eyes are open to a whole new world to explore.  But the most important thing we do is preserve that world for the next generation.  There are many ways to do this, some are simple and others more involved. 

Buoyancy is key.  It keeps you from damaging fragile life and also helps you to enjoy a more relaxed and fun dive.  If you are constantly working then you can’t enjoy things as much.  Another way we can conserve is to pick up things that are out-of-place.  If we see fishing line we try to remove it safely.  If we see something on the bottom we pick it up and dispose of it properly.  Sounds simple, and it is.  It’s this attitude that keeps me coming back for more.


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