Dive Master Candidate- Day one

Friday was my orientation for the start of dive master.  I spent 3 hours at the shop going over the requirements and the knowledge reviews.  I had all 9 chapters completed prior to my orientation.  The program will be challenging but also rewarding. 

So far my biggest issue is physics.  I didn’t “get it” on the first pass.  But, after being told to completely ignore the imperial math and go with metric.  That made life much easier.  Why didn’t I think if that?  Metric makes a lot more sense in general anyway.  I’m still working on it but I’ll get there.  I would really like to knock out the written exams ASAP. 

Saturday morning the kids had their may day program at school and right after that I headed to the dive shop.  Saturday was military appreciation day and it was busy busy busy.  I went out with my instructor and a group of 4 divers.  Two discover scuba and two certified.  One of the participants was a teenage boy and he was a little nervous to start but he did ok. 

Basically my role was to set everything up while the instructor did his briefing and stuff.  That wasn’t a problem, I had everything set up for 4 people by the time he finished.  I was even able to solve a minor gear issue on the spot.  Once we entered the water I was charged with watching the other customers while the instructor conducted his skills.  After the skills were complete we headed out into the open water.  I was bringing up the back and watching for potential problems.  I only really had to do a couple of things.  I had to remind one person that they had to be vertical to get all the air out of the bcd so that they could get down to the bottom.  I had to do that a couple of times but other than that no problems. 

When we returned to the shop we cleaned up and I was evaluated.  I got a very good evaluation on the things that I did perform.  I was pleased with my first day.  I’m going back tomorrow to go to Turtle Bay for some confined water discover scuba. 

The plan tomorrow is to see about setting up time to knock out my written exams, skill workshop and swims.


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  1. BCDiver573
    May 14, 2012 @ 07:40:30

    Having had to suffer through dive physics three times (divemaster/scientific/commercial diving courses), I’ve found a few resources to help out. This link is to a great pdf put out by IMCA; it has everything you need to know about dive physics/physiology and medicine for your course, and it’s an easier read than the PADI material.


    I hope this helps! Good luck!


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