My friend Tiffany inviting me out night diving with her and her husband last night.  Thanks Tiff! 

We started at around 5 so the first dive was more of a “twilight” dive than anything.  We still saw lots of cool stuff and went into some places I have never been in.  At least not from that angle.  We saw a small eel and then, at the end of the dive, a huge probably 5 foot eel.  Most of the first dive was spent in and out of these caves looking for stuff. 

The second dive we headed out again at dusk and this time we went left.  Right away one of the guys found a crevice to slip into.  At first it made me nervous because it wasn’t very big.  But once we slipped through it opened right back up.  We continued to follow the back side of the tide pools and look in holes and crevices.  We found several eels crabs and other things along the way.  We came through a cave and right there in front of us was white tip reef shark.  That was so cool!  I had never seen one before and we kept our lights on him and watched him swim around.  Shortly after that we found a “triton’s trumpet” shell and a very large spanish dancer. 

After that we swam out to sea a ways and poked around.  At one point that boys had a huge crab that they were messing with.  One of those two crazy nuts was messing with an eel. 

Finally I got cold and asked to turn back.  My first night dive wasn’t a great experience but this was much better.  Night diving is a totally different experience.  There are lots of things to see that only really come out at night.  It’s a totally different world.


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  1. Deborah
    May 05, 2012 @ 05:45:41

    Oh my gosh how scary and fun! That is my biggest fear and why I won’t dive – I am petrified of sharks and things that swim better than me (which doesn’t say a lot).


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