Let the fun begin!

As of Friday I will official be a Dive Master Candidate!  I just finished dives 40 and 41 yesterday and will be doing my orientation friday morning.  I am looking forward to the challenge and expanding my knowledge. 

I also found out yesterday that a friend of mine will be my instructor.  On one hand I am glad that it will be someone I know and am comfortable with.  I look forward to picking his brain about everything dive related.  He’s a PADI course director and has been doing this for many years.  So that will benefit me greatly.  On the other I’m a little afraid.  I know other people that have done DM with him and they said he was hard on them.  So I know he’s not going to make this easy.  I’m not looking to get off easy so I’m focusing on the positives. 

As a DMC I will be in the water a lot, to say the least.  I will chronical my training on this blog.  But, I won’t be taking pictures while I’m acting as a DMC because it’s not appropriate for me to be taking pictures in that role. 

I will learn more on Friday about what exactly will be expected of me and the timeline for completing it.  I have a good idea of what I need to do but I don’t know how long it will take or what the course structure is.  I am planning to work diligently in the next 2-3 weeks since my kids are out of school at the end of the month.  Mason’s last day is May 18th and Aidan’s last day is May 25th.  I know it’s not realistic to have it completely finished but I’m trying to minimize daycare cost. 

After the course is finished, I am hoping that I will be able to work at the dive shop.  I’m hoping that my existing connection with the shop owner and the staff will be enough to land me some work.  I haven’t recieved any promised though and my guess is that I’ll only be making around $10 an hour.  So I’m on the hunt for a sitter that will work for less than that, and that won’t be easy to find.  The big thing I plan to use as leverage is that there are no diapers to change since my kids are a bit older. 

My decision to take the DM course was not easily made but it’s looking better and better.  I have yet to recieve any offers to work in the nursing field and the long it is before I get a CNA job the less likely it will be that I will get an RN position before we leave the island.  We have been here about 16 months which means we will only really be here about another 18 months or so.  So, if it takes me a year to get into a nursing job, after the 12 week training, I would only hold the job 6 months.  The employers are not blind to this.  In fact, I’m starting to suspect that it’s already in the front of their minds.


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  1. Deborah
    May 03, 2012 @ 04:32:36



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