Wa’ahila Ridge (Mt. Olympus)

This trail has several names.  Wa’ahila Ridge Trail is the official name.  The locals call it Mt. Olympus or St. Louis Heights.  No matter what you call it it’s a really nice trail.  I set off to complete this trail once before and whimped out. 

I was leaving today to meet my friend and we were going to hike it just the 2 of us.  But before I could leave I found myself taking along 4 kids.  How did that happen?  Oh well. 

Like all ridge trails this one starts at the top of a steep drive at Wa’ahila State Recreation Area.  The trail goes up and down several times and it’s pretty steep and there are alot of rocks.  The kids with us were the only ones we saw.  But with a little team work we got through.  

At the beginning of the trail we found 2 geocaches right off the bat so that got the kids all excited.  They didn’t complain much really. 

This trail could be muddy and slippery if there has been a lot of rain but it’s overall well maitained.  There are some places where you have to climb over some pretty large boulders but nothing most avid hikers couldn’t deal with.  It was a 3 mile round trip but I feel like it was more.  I was really suprised when I sat down and had to hobble when I got up.  Enjoy the pictures!

See the ridge off to the left? We came up that whole thing

The Crew


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